25 September

Zazmic’s Engineers on How to Dockerize an IoT app Built on Meteor

We live in the age of rapid urban development, which calls for all around integration of information and communication technology as well as IoT solutions: smart homes, intelligent transportation and smart cities. At Zazmic, our engineers Yurii (JS Team Lead) and Valeria (DevOps Engineer) have been working on a cutting…

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06 December

Top 10 softwares to manage a distributed team

When we founded Zazmic we were working simultaneously in China, Spain, Ukraine and Silicon Valley. Communication efficiency and maximizing the throughput for our distributed team members were among our first challenges. We settled on two top-10 platforms that allowed us to best deliver so many projects for our great clients.…

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11 October

Xtrem3 Motocross by Zazmic: an ultimate motorcycle racing adventure right on your smartphone!

Preceded by a mind-blowing Kitchen Escape game, Xtrem3 Motocross by Zazmic Gaming is the next to hit big!  Extreme. Intense. Exhilarating. Who hasn’t dreamed of an ultimate motorcycle racing adventure? From now on, your roaring iron horse and gear are at hand whenever you want it, right on your smartphone.  (more…)

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29 August

Kitchen Escape by Zazmic Gaming is back with NEW MIND-BLOWING LEVELS!

Your favorite veggie zombie game available on the App Store and Google Play. (New to the game? Watch here) What is Kitchen Escape? An unequal fight against cockroach terror. It takes one brave Carroty and You to survive in the veggie world. Game levels are divided into sprints of 3…

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18 July

How to Choose a Game Engine

It would take valuable time to test all game development engines out there and narrow it down to the best one. There are about 170 different tools to choose among, and the number keeps increasing steadily as the game industry continues to grow. Choosing a game development engine can be…

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26 June

Download a new, feature-packed version of Kitchen Escape by Zazmic Gaming for iOS & Android!

We recently announced the release of our first game using Buildbox platform. Check out our updates available on the App Store and Google Play. New features added for the fight against cockroach terror:  (Watch here!) Number of worlds increased to 18 with levels divided into sprints of 3 levels each. Save one vegetable within each sprint. Advance through…

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16 June


Great news: Zazmic has reached a new level of partnership with Meteor. As a recognized service provider, Zazmic participates in a new program called Meteor Prime. We can now access advanced technical support for complex client projects as well as implement best web designing frameworks. This partnership enables our team…

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10 May

We are proud to announce that Zazmic is now an AWS CONSULTING PARTNER!

Zazmic is a professional services firm that helps customers of all sizes design, build and deploy their applications on AWS.

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28 March

Zazmic Gaming Presents: “Kitchen Escape” on the App Store and Google Play

Zazmic dives into game design using two new game platforms: Buildbox and Unity. We’re getting creative and having fun with them. Available today, Kitchen Escape flings you in to help battle a zombie like roach apocalypse in a vegetable world. About Kitchen Escape: A brief video lead-in shows infectious cockroaches…

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27 February

10 Promising Artificial Intelligence Startups for 2017

Crunchbase’s Global Innovation Investment Report 2016, Year in Review, landed in my email on January 12, 2017. The newsletter covered Crunchbase’s comprehensive insights into growth sectors, exit trends, top metro areas, 2017 predictions, global funding and more about the technology industry based on their aggregate dataset. Everyone in the tech…

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