New version iOS & Android game Kitchen Escape by Zazmic Gaming

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Download a new, feature-packed version of Kitchen Escape by Zazmic Gaming for iOS & Android!

26 June
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We recently announced the release of our first game using Buildbox platform. Check out our updates available on the App Store and Google Play.

New features added for the fight against cockroach terror: 
(Watch here!)

  • Number of worlds increased to 18 with levels divided into sprints of 3 levels each. Save one vegetable within each sprint.
  • Advance through the levels using checkpoints.  You get 3 with option to buy more!
  • Get a new look for Carroty by earning golden coins. 2 new looks added.
  • Try your hand at 30 brandnew game challenges and exciting mechanics.
  • Improved user interface and designs for closets, water pipes & kitchens.

  • Log in to Game Center and see real-time results on the players table.
  • Share achievements and rankings to social platforms to keep your friends updated as you master the game!

Download it! Available on both for iOS and Android devices.