Two amazing projects TotalAdventure and Artyst by Zazmic

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Zazmic just launched two awesome projects!

31 January

Meet  TotalAdventure  and  Artyst!

TotalAdventure instantly links avid travelers to fascinating destinations in over 125 countries worldwide. Available on several platforms (Web, iOS, Android) to meet the user specifications, TotalAdventure takes you from the Arctic to the Tropics to the Antarctic offering comfortable accommodations and excellent, exotic dining.

Zazmic developers crafted TotalAdventure to integrate with social networks and Google Maps. All transactions are processed by PayPal. These, together with other solutions such as Elasticsearch, Redis, and Sidekiq ensure vast usability and reliability of TotalAdventure.

Far from extreme travelers’ craze, yet sophisticated in its simplicity – another quality project of  which we are proud:

Artyst – a real treat for art appreciators or those with a creative bent. This Apple TV application  allows users access to slideshows of famous artists’ works, conveniently organized into separate folders and which include esoteric facts behind the creation of each masterpiece.

There are three more exciting projects in the pipeline that will really impress you.


But don’t take our word for it! 

Here are some words from Blaine Zuver, CEO at TotalAdventure

“Challenged with the idea to create an entirely new travel website, as well as a mobile app, I started looking for a team professional enough to deliver. No wonder it took me six whole months to find the right one. Luckily, I was introduced to Zazmic by a trusted associate I had worked with in the past. This, and a good portfolio of apps by Zazmic on top, made me feel completely at ease about choosing the company. What surprised me most about this partnership was incredible teamwork and cooperation, feeling like my own programming department. Every member of the project was there all day, every day, responding immediately to all concerns. As a result, my vision was carried out exactly, but with significant improvements from the team. I am very satisfied with my choice and how well things worked out between me and Zazmic.”


Blaine Zuver
CEO TotalAdventure.Travel LLC