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Zazmic Gaming Presents: “Kitchen Escape” on the App Store and Google Play

28 March
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Zazmic dives into game design using two new game platforms: Buildbox and Unity. We’re getting creative and having fun with them. Available today, Kitchen Escape flings you in to help battle a zombie like roach apocalypse in a vegetable world.

About Kitchen Escape:
A brief video lead-in shows infectious cockroaches that have invaded a kitchen’s veggie population, biting them and causing the spread of toxic mildew, leading to dementia.
After the bitten vegetables scatter, a brave carrot steps in to fight against total zombification. He needs to find his friends and an antidote to cure them. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of each of the 7 worlds (levels) the brave carrot is up against: every corner of the neighbor’s kitchen, water pipes, sewers, a closet, and fridge that conceal the infected.

Enjoy the fine design of the “Kitchen Escape” game crafted by designers at Zazmic Gaming and keep up on upgrades! We will release a total of 30 Worlds, integrate social media, in-app purchases, and Game Center.

Download it! Available now on both for iOS and Android devices