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07 February
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We’re excited to announce that we are now featured on Clutch, a ratings and reviews site for B2B services. The firm reviews and researches several hundred companies in both web and mobile development.

To be listed on in Clutch’s research, we were examined based on a methodology that includes over a dozen criteria. These included our client, market presence, and past experience. Additionally, Clutch took the time to speak to several of our clients and hear what they had to say about our work. Here are some of the things Zazmic’s clients had to say about their experience with us:

The CEO of a business services startup said about our project management, “They’re very engaging. They are always available and work on a 24/7 basis, which is really important for startups. We communicated on a daily basis. They were able to provide demos whenever I needed it. The team was on time for deadlines. We had a weekly and monthly chart, and they were able to stay on the timeline.”

We’re thrilled to be praised on our ability to service our clients and be available for them. Another client, the founder of a targeted CRM said this about our web application development:

“When we rolled out a new homepage with some analytics, one of the CROs at a big web company said the new UI looks really slick. We haven’t had any downtime or Priority 1 bugs as a consequence of their work.”

He later continued, “I like the fact that they have a diverse set of skill sets. We can also ramp up the team during peak periods to get more throughput. They have a flexible staff model, and they balance our budget and the demand we have to build products. They have some top-notch people with Java technologies and Ruby on Rails. They know the tools and are very customer-focused.”

We’re thrilled to see what our clients have had to say about us in their conversations with Clutch. For more information on the experience we deliver, take a look at our profile and reviews on Clutch.