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Meet Z-Stream, an All-in-one Workflow & Product Development Tool!

15 June
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The Agility Mindset

Agile teams are designed to be highly functional, with all of the tools necessary to produce a highly functional version of the future product without needing to go outside their team. They have a strong set of technical tools, high-level organization, and everything else they need to be able to effectively work on product development. As a result, agile teams often have unique needs–especially when it comes to the apps they use every day. 

Results-focused teams need to be highly adaptable, fast, and capable of high levels of organization–and many of the apps currently on the market simply weren’t delivering. Fortunately, Z-Stream is here to help provide everything agile teams need in order to function more smoothly, including everything from a time tracker app to QA software, Z-Stream was designed to fulfill the needs of any team.

The App Challenge

Many of the apps currently available on the market simply weren’t meeting the needs of agile teams. As an agile team ourselves, Zazmic needed a high level of functionality that was easy to adapt to the changing requirements of the team–and so Z-Stream was born. Other agile development tools had a wide range of problems that simply failed to fit our needs:


  •   Many of them are too complicated: there’s no intuitive interface, and they’re hard to learn how to use.
  •   Apps are often designed with a single type of team in mind: just for sales teams, for example, or just for tech.
  •   Apps have too many features, many of which are unnecessary—or they failed to have the tools necessary for agile teams, including time trackers and other vital pieces of the agile puzzle.
  •   Not every app will integrate with the platforms and processes that agile teams need to use every day.

Something new was needed. Z-Stream fits many of the criteria needed by agile teams, allowing those teams to more effectively integrate with their existing platforms while improving their project management skills. From time tracking tools to the best project management tools available, you’ll quickly discover that Z-Stream is designed with your needs in mind.


The Z-Stream Difference

Z-Stream is a new flexible team management and project development tool. It is designed to allow teams to control and shape their projects from end to end: promoting, setting goals, tracking results, studying reports, improving team integration, and more, all from one handy platform. This convenient tool provides a number of advantages for your team.

Keep it all in one place. Z-Stream keeps everything located in one convenient place. There’s no need for bulky tables and complicated integrations; instead, Z-Stream streamlines the information gathering and assessment process.

Manage your dream team from anywhere. There are both mobile and web versions that allow you to track your team’s progress and keep up with what’s going on no matter where you are.

Client-oriented solutions make it easy to track the product. You’ll be able to deliver the information your clients need quickly and effectively, answering their questions and providing the agile project management tools they need.

User-friendly design and intuitive interface mean that anyone can use this platform. Your customers and your team will easily be able to work with the interface.

App integration means you can still use your existing tools. You won’t have to learn how to use a fresh new platform for every app you’ve ever used, thanks to the convenience of this agile software.

Z-Stream is the best solution for any team: business owners and founders, CEOs, VPs, and more. With its clever customization and versatility, this platform can be used by any level of team: those that are well-established and those that are just starting up. The QA management tool is ideal for tracking progress and quality, assessing features, and studying reports. Project managers will love the ability to create tasks, track progress, and easily update clients while tracking quality throughout the project through this excellent project management software.

When you need a project management app that has taken all of your needs into consideration, Z- Stream is here to help. From QA tools to the best timesheet app in the business, Z-Stream offers everything you need to improve your time management and make it easier to keep up with your daily job responsibilities. It’s an agile project management tool that will take your projects to the next level.