Who We Are

We're startup people: constant beginners and life-long learners excited about the future. We believe that success begets success and our mission is to help companies innovate, crush their objectives, and ultimately succeed. We are your team!


Projects Completed


Startups Invested In


Employees Worldwide


Z-Software Products Released

Important Milestones



As soon as our team got fully trained and certified, Zazmic became a Google Cloud Premier Partner--Google's recognized and trusted resource to support clients in the cloud with cutting-edge solutions and innovative tools. We passed 250 employees in late 2018.


The experience and knowledge we gained along the way gave us new perspectives and inspired us to create Zazmic’s own software that changes the way teams approach collaboration, product development, and execution. This is how our advanced project management platform Z-Stream was born.



In 2015 we made our first successful investment in startups. Three years later, Zazmic is spinning off an average of three startups every year.

Going Global

Within three years, Zazmic became a 200-plus-strong, expert full-stack support system behind Fortune 500s and fast-growth startups all over the world. We opened offices in Dnipro, Barcelona, and San Francisco.


Early Days

In the tradition of some of the most innovative Silicon Valley startups, Zazmic was born in the garage of a San Francisco house when Yann, Tristan, and Yuriy started their first project together.