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Our workshops are designed to guide you through the complex AI landscape and ensure your seamless adoption of Artificial Intelligence


Generative AI Discovery Workshop [30-45 minutes session]
Explore how your company can use Generative AI.


Generative AI Applied Workshop [30-45 minutes session]
Choose one AI Applied workshop (see below) to explore with the Zazmic team. Live POC and documentation

Tailored Packages - Limitless Possibilities

Discover the AI workshops that suit your business needs:

Content Generation

Sentiment Analysis via Chat. Based on Sentiment, create a ticket with different severity level.

Content Summarization

Gen-AI based contract summarization based on Legal contract store in drive.

Content Generation

Appsheet app generating blogs (Text + images) using imagen and PalmAPI

Content Management

Web Page showing file name, Summary and link of an entire drive of legal content.

Knowledge Extraction

Organize and summarize Search on your website.

Knowledge Search

Implement Search on your website.

AI Assistant for coding activities

Free plugin for Visual studio, Analyze product code, get some help coding.

AI Assistant for QA activities

Free plugin for Visual studio. Add unit tests.

AI Assistant

For internal process support

Product recommendation

A new way to shop, Product recommendation to a customer based on a merchant product catalog.

Gen App Build

Customer Service agent using its Knowledge base to process Customer request.

Predictive AI

BigqueryML, SheetML - How to build a quick predictive model to identify smartphone buyers.

Video Sentiment

Detect Sentiment from Video, create an action based on the stress of a user.

Voice simulation

How to make a better IVR.

A/B Testing tools for Banner

Explore imagen, and the production of creatives for Adtech.

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