Zazmic advocates for peace and stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine! - Zazmic

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Zazmic advocates for peace and stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine!

16 April
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The Zazmic company stands with the people of Ukraine during this difficult time. Despite the Russian invasion, our staff located all over Ukraine and abroad continue to work. Our headquarters are in a remote location safe from bombings, and we have taken extra cyber-security measures. We hope the war will end soon and Ukraine emerges victorious. 


In the first days of the war, the company’s executives provided their assessment of the situation. Zazmic’s CTO Yann Kronberg strongly condemned the Russian attack on Ukraine and called on American business to support Ukraine in all possible ways. He believes the world should not stand aside and just watch. It’s important to act, namely to continue cooperation with contractors from Ukraine, to help the Ukrainian army and volunteers financially. Yann is constantly in contact with the staff in Ukraine in order to stay up to date on the latest news and needs, and discuss how Zazmic can support employees during this period.


“It’s important to us that the company’s employees are safe and able to continue working. Therefore, back in February, the company recommended employees move to Western Ukraine or any other country abroad and still provides assistance with the coordination of this process: relocation, housing, financial aid to compensate for the costs of relocation, and the purchase of necessary equipment (laptops for remote work). The HR department is constantly in touch with every specialist from Ukraine and provides all the support required. Moreover, the company’s specialists actively volunteer (purchasing food and delivering it to those who need it, delivering humanitarian aid, searching for medication, buying tactical gear, etc.). The company has a chat to coordinate such activities and raise funds to help the army. Some specialists are involved in the work of the Ukrainian IT army. In case our specialists want to join the territorial defense or the army, the job is reserved.


Every morning Zazmic’s HR team contacts employees caught up in hot zones and critical cities to track their whereabouts and record location updates. We have created a chat where our team members can discuss safe evacuation routes, share useful information, and get immediate help. Besides, Zazmic sets up daily check-up calls so that colleagues could communicate and discuss future plans.

There are also online coffee breaks on various topics, including thematic ones on handling war anxiety. In April, we plan to conduct a first aid course for those interested. Every week, the company’s CEO communicates with employees from Ukraine; he talks about what the company has done and its plans and answers the employees’ questions.

The company’s clients from the US and Europe transfer money to help the Ukrainian army. Our employees have supported this initiative and continue to transfer their funds for our defenders,” shared our Human Resources Lead, Anzhelika Luneva.



Zazmic’s team remains determined to provide high-quality services to its clients and partners. The company’s infrastructure and systems are designed with resilience in mind, and its security has been tightened to mitigate any possible vulnerabilities or risks. 


Zazmic is committed to its values, quality standards, and goals, and this situation is no exception. The team would like to thank its clients and partners for their support and words of encouragement. Zazmic’s team has a strong belief in global cooperation and strives to create a positive impact on the world. This is why the company has decided to support Ukraine during these terrible times. 


“The company regularly transfers funds to charitable foundations. We also inform our partners and customers where they can donate some financial aid. Many of our customers from Europe offered their support to Ukrainian families who were able to leave Ukraine. In addition, the team chat regularly hosts fundraising for various needs for the military forces and families,” – states our SVP of Engineering, Yuriy Yakovlev.


Zazmic believes that it’s crucial to stand with the country, and that’s why we still hire specialists from Ukraine to help Ukrainian families and the overall national economy.


“Our official position as a company is that we continue to hire from Ukraine. All company stakeholders are in complete solidarity on this issue. There may be exceptions if the client has explicitly asked not to hire experts from Ukraine. But we haven’t had such requests yet. On the contrary, everyone supports Ukraine and is ready to cooperate with the Ukrainians and hire further. For unpredicted cases, we prepared a business continuity plan and hired additional developers from other countries if suddenly a Ukrainian developer drops out of the process,”says our Recruitment Lead, Stanislav Popovych.


In the meantime, if you wish to help the Zazmic Ukrainian team and other people of Ukraine, please spread the word defying the Russian propaganda, make donations to charitable organizations, assist refugees, and continue cooperation with Ukrainian businesses, organizations and individuals. 


Thanks to all the friends of Ukraine! Glory to Ukraine!