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Zazmic at Google Cloud Next 2023: Exploring the Future of Cloud Technology

12 September
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As a trusted Google Cloud partner, Zazmic was excited to be part of the action at the Google Cloud Next ’23 conference in San Francisco, eager to dive into the tech world’s latest advancements. This premier event brought together industry leaders, innovators, and tech enthusiasts to discover the latest advancements in cloud computing and artificial intelligence. With a focus on empowering customers and developers to embrace AI, Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian set the stage for a thrilling conference. Here’s a recap of the exciting highlights from the first two days.


Day 1: The New Way to Cloud

The conference kicked off with an electrifying keynote address by Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian. He outlined three pivotal ways to accelerate digital transformation: empowering customers and developers to harness AI, facilitating AI usage through Google Cloud and Duet AI for Google Workspace, and fostering a robust generative AI ecosystem.


Major Announcements from Day 1

Duet AI in Google Workspace

This game-changing technology is now generally available, while Duet AI in Google Cloud is in preview. The latter will soon integrate with various services, including BigQuery, Looker, Cloud Spanner, Database Migration Service, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Mandiant Threat Intelligence, Chronicle Security Operations, and Security Command Center.


Vertex AI

Google introduced Vertex AI as a comprehensive solution for building generative AI applications, machine learning development, and MLOps. They also unveiled new gen AI foundation models, including Meta’s Llama 2 and a preannouncement of Anthropic’s Claude 2. Furthermore, updates were made to first-party models like PaLM 2, Codey, and Imagen. Colab Enterprise was launched for enhanced data science workflows, and Vertex AI Extensions were introduced, allowing for customization of foundation models.


Cloud TPU v5e and A3 VMs

For those with a keen interest in AI workloads, the new Cloud TPU v5e promises efficient and cost-effective AI training, while A3 VMs based on NVIDIA H100 GPUs have officially gone GA.


BigQuery Studio

BigQuery Studio, a game-changer for data professionals, now offers a unified interface for data engineering, analytics, and predictive analysis. It comes with features like a simplified lakehouse experience, cross-cloud analytics, secure data sharing, and enhanced governance.


Google Workspace with AI Enhancements

Google Workspace received substantial enhancements through Google AI, including new zero trust and digital sovereignty controls, reinforcing security and productivity.


Day 2: A Symphony of Innovation

Day 2 brought an unexpected twist to the conference. At the developer keynote, Google Cloud Head of Developer Media, Forrest Brazeal, showcased his musical talents by playing the piano onstage, joined by fellow developers and community leaders who sang, danced, and even played the tuba. It was a delightful surprise that added a unique flavor to the event.


But the music didn’t overshadow the major announcements and demonstrations that followed.


Major Announcements from Day 2

Jump Start Solutions

These solutions, now generally available, offer pre-built samples to streamline the introduction to Google Cloud. They simplify initial learning and research tasks, making it easier for businesses to get started.


GitLab Partnership

Google Cloud also forged a partnership with GitLab, offering a secure DevOps solution that seamlessly integrates with the Google Cloud console. This collaboration brings integrated source and artifact management, continuous integration and delivery, and enhanced security features.


Application Integration

The introduction of Application Integration, now GA, provided attendees with a no-code integration platform as a service, empowering them to seamlessly weave their applications together.


New Compute Engine Offerings

Google Cloud revealed its commitment to innovation with the introduction of the new Arm-based C3A powered by AmpereOne processors, the preview of C3D VMs based on 4th Generation AMD EPYC™ Processors, and the announcement that C3 VMs now support Google Cloud Hyperdisk Extreme block storage, boasting an impressive 500,000 input/output operations per second.



Not stopping there, Google Cloud presented Titanium, a system of custom silicon with multiple tiers of offloads designed to enable offerings like Hyperdisk and third-generation C3 VMs, with more innovations on the horizon.


Google Maps Platform Environment APIs

In a nod to environmental consciousness, Google Maps Platform introduced a suite of Environment APIs, including Solar API, Air Quality API, and Pollen API. These APIs, when overlaid on 3D imagery, open up possibilities to map a healthier planet.


Our team was thrilled with so many new releases and updates. Yet, the experience of attending the Google Cloud Next ’23 conference extended far beyond the realm of technology updates. This event not only showcased the latest advancements in cloud computing and artificial intelligence but also provided an incredible opportunity to connect and communicate with industry leaders. Amidst the impressive presentations and major announcements, Zazmic’s team took advantage of the conference’s networking breaks to engage with fellow innovators, forging valuable connections and exchanging knowledge. The enthusiasm of meeting so many incredible individuals and sharing insights further highlighted the collaborative spirit that drives the tech world forward.



As Zazmic continued to immerse itself in the Google Cloud Next 2023 conference, it became clear that the future of cloud technology is brimming with promise and innovation. The conference proved to be an extraordinary event for Zazmic and all attendees, filled with groundbreaking announcements and game-changing technologies. As a Google Cloud partner, Zazmic is excited to leverage these advancements to continue delivering cutting-edge IT solutions to clients worldwide. Stay tuned for more updates on how these innovations will shape the future of cloud computing and AI.