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Hello, Zazmic! Welcome to Silicon Valley.

08 September

Hello, Zazmic!
Let us introduce you to the world.

We, Tristan Peirotes and Yann Kronberg, cofounded Zazmic in 2012.
Three years ago, one developer, one designer and  started our first project in the attic of my San Francisco house.These initial baby steps held our interest and we went on to build a platform that was a kind of Airbnb for boats. We never looked back. Three years later, we have  25+ projects of varying sizes, from real time financial trading to location based messaging apps but we aren’t all serious all the time. Recently, we launched an Apple TV app because our friend wanted an easy way for kids to learn and share art masterpieces. We stumbled through it, learnt a lot and became experts. It will be out in December 2015.

We now have a team of 40+ world-class software developers and designers. We operate from Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine), Shanghai (China) and are headquartered in San Francisco,California (USA), right at the intersection of Technology & Business.

We created Zazmic based on five principles:

Our work is part of our life; we are only satisfied when we believe we are doing great work and love the result.

Design is in our DNA; we continuously iterate to reach perfection.

We chose this space because we love it, it is worth it, and we believe we are the best at it.

Individual’s rights to security and privacy on the Internet are fundamental,  not optional.

We are start-up guys, -everlasting beginners and life-learners who believe that tomorrow will be the most creative day of our life.
Our goal is to launch and grow start-ups. We are not an offshore company. If you are looking for a cheap engineer, sign up for Upwork (formerly Odesk).

Our team is a 24/7 team, we love to take on challenges and finish projects quickly. In this sense we do provide cost-effective and efficient services to our clients because a lot of our engineers are in Eastern Europe. Your project could literally take shape around the clock and not at Silicon Valley prices. Ruby, Java or Python? PhP, Javascript or Angular.js? We can do all this, bring it on.

Zazmic is a global company with global reach; our biggest customers are in London, Amsterdam and of course the Silicon Valley. You can introduce yourself to us at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, at GMIC in Beijing or in San Francisco.

If you want to make your ideas reality, reach out to us. We can help with building and also with funding …. @zazmic

Yann Kronberg – Founder and CTO