19 July

Z-Stream’s Employee Features

Everyone in your project has a different role--and one of the key roles on your project development team is the employees who will complete those daily tasks. You don't want to have to use different project management software for every member of your team--and Z-Stream is specifically designed to allow…

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17 July

Z-Stream’s Supervisor Features

When you work on a project, each individual has a different role. Every role has its own key duties, which in turn requires specific functionality out of your project management software. When you want a project management software that will allow each user to make the most out of it,…

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12 July

Z-Stream’s Client Features

As you already know, Z-Stream has many features that can help cover numerous roles and duties in the company. However, the different roles of each user can transform the way you see the features and functions offered by Z-Stream. Depending on your role within the company and the responsibilities you…

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10 July

The Most Useful Features of Z-Stream

Z-Stream: it's the latest app for managing your agile team, designed with a wide range of departments and features in mind. Before you dive in with Z-Stream, however, you want to make sure you've got a good idea of the functionality it can offer you! Don't miss out on any…

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04 July

Z-Stream: The primary features to master product development workflow

If you've been reading our blogs this summer, you may remember when we introduced our Z- Stream platform in June. In the piece, we gave a basic rundown of our all-in-one workflow platform to aid in more flexible team management and project development. At the time, we posed a simple…

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15 June

Meet Z-Stream, an All-in-one Workflow & Product Development Tool!

The Agility Mindset Agile teams are designed to be highly functional, with all of the tools necessary to produce a highly functional version of the future product without needing to go outside their team. They have a strong set of technical tools, high-level organization, and everything else they need to…

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05 June

Breaking the Non-Technical Founders’ Challenge

When you have a startup, every detail matters to your ultimate success, but there are certain pieces that you simply cannot lack if you want to transform your vision into reality. With 18 years of technology management experience in leadership roles in the software, open source, and AdTech industries, what…

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11 October

Xtrem3 Motocross by Zazmic: an ultimate motorcycle racing adventure right on your smartphone!

Preceded by a mind-blowing Kitchen Escape game, Xtrem3 Motocross by Zazmic Gaming is the next to hit big!  Extreme. Intense. Exhilarating. Who hasn’t dreamed of an ultimate motorcycle racing adventure? From now on, your roaring iron horse and gear are at hand whenever you want it, right on your smartphone.  (more…)

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11 October

Outsourcing: the Easier Route to Scaling and Excelling for Businesses

Outsourcing is the conventional process of assigning out short or long term non-core job functions to outside workforces with the goal of saving money and time. Businesses assign non-core tasks to individuals, companies or agencies with the required skills.  (more…)

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06 September


Website development at Zazmic starts by understanding your business and its goals. Our designers know how impactful the visual appeal of your product is and make sure it’s intuitive, user-friendly and able to target the users on a deeper level.  We offer prototyping, branding for web and mobile products. Landing…

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