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What you need to know about Z-Stream!

04 September
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Developed by Agile wizards, with the principles of well-organized planning, execution and delivery in mind, Z-Stream is your team’s perfect tool that helps foster collaboration, maximize productivity, and meet business goals in the most efficient way ever! It is designed to allow teams to control and shape their projects from end to end: promoting, setting goals, tracking results, studying reports, improving team integration, and more, all from one handy platform. It was built to fulfill the needs of any team.  

From a time tracker app and QA software, to the best project management tools available, you’ll quickly discover that Z-Stream is created with your needs in mind. Find out more about its structure and useful features.


Zazmic’s inspiration for Z-Stream

Zazmic was born in the world’s cradle of technology innovation – Silicon Valley in 2014, and has grown into a 200+ strong team of top-notch specialists to provide unparalleled software development services, quality assurance, project management support and marketing execution to fortune 500s and fast growth garage startups. As a global technology service provider with offices in San Francisco, Dnipro and Barcelona, we help clients worldwide to satisfy a growing demand for high-quality software.

How did we come up with the idea of Z-Stream? We started Z-Stream in-house as a proprietary solution to managing our own projects and it grew into a full-service workflow tool. As part of our overall observation and intel we gained from over the past years of close collaboration with various organizations, it became a vision to evolve this software to help others change the way they approach project management, teamwork, product development, and execution. Eventually in 2018, after a lot of thought and hard work, we successfully launched any team’s dream software: a breakthrough platform that has everything to get work done in one place.


Meet our team

At Zazmic we believe: if you want software made to perfection, make it yourself. Designed by Zazmic’s agile development team for agile teams, Z-Stream is the product of our first-hand experience and organizational bent. Meet the team of 10 talented innovators we assembled to implement the idea of Z-Stream into reality:

…and many others


The Z-Stream difference

Many development tools currently available on the market have a wide range of problems that simply fail to fit the needs of result-focused agile teams. Unlike them, Z-Stream offers a high level of functionality that is easy to navigate and adapt to the changing requirements of the team. Here’s a number of advantages you can benefit from when using our app:  


Z-Stream encourages flexibility while maintaining effective organization, which is the key to success in agile development. Plan sprints, identify requirements, split tasks, track results to manage projects smoothly and execute transparently. As an extra advantage, app integration allows you to still use your existing tools without leaving Z-Stream.


Successful teamwork leads to better results and allows smarter delivery of products. Z-Stream is a collaboration instrument that eases self-organization as well as helps streamline coordination across teams, departments, offices and geographies. There are both mobile and web versions that allow you to track your team’s progress and keep up with what’s going on no matter where you are.


We worked on a user-friendly graphic dashboard that reports how the team is progressing and meeting the goals. Free from excessive functionality that gets in the way in a UI, Z-Stream is meant to make the process simple, not confusing. By keeping everything located in one convenient place our app streamlines the information gathering and assessment process for you.


Z-Stream serves multiple purposes, thus can be tailored for different teams and utilized to support various organizational processes: software development, quality assurance, project & team management, time tracking & reporting, and more. Besides, client-oriented solutions make it easy to track the product and deliver the information your clients need quickly and effectively.


What Z-Stream looks like


1. How do I create an account in Z-Stream?

To sign up for a company account on go to the FREE TRIAL page and provide the following information: сlaim your site, enter your name and email address, set a password and click “SIGN UP”. Congratulations, now you have a company account!


2. How do I add a team member to my account?

There are two options for user registration:
1. Self-sign up
If a user knows the subdomain of their company, which is in their company’s unique web address for Z-Stream, they can sign up autonomously by simply following the link. As an admin, you can restrict self-registration by specifying the email domain(s) that will allow people to create an account, or even restrict the possibility to register in the system at all. To see how it works we need to go to the ‘Admin’ page, click ‘Settings’, then ‘User sign up options’. This is where the “Self-sign up” function settings can be found. When the Self-sign up option is off, you need to use the “Invites” function.

2. Invites
You can send an invitation to any member of the team by typing their email address in the ‘Add a New User’ window. In order to send the invitations to users to sign up, the administrator should go to the ‘Admin’ page and choose the ‘Users’ tab. Then go to the ‘Invites’ menu and click ‘Invite Users’. This will allow the user to independently register in Z-Stream of your company.

Watch a detailed video tutorial here.


3. What is a product line?

With different things going on in numerous departments within a company, you need a feature that helps you coordinate work efficiently among all of them. For this purpose, once you create a Company on Z-Stream, you’re able to create a Product line to help keep your company’s workflow more organized. When each department is working on its own projects and tasks, this feature helps you structure them all in an integrated way and keep great amounts of data under control.


4. How do I create a product?

To create a product, go to the “Product” tab. There, you’ll find a “Create a Product” window that contains two tabs: “Details” and “Team.” In the Details tab, you can add a product line, name the product, assign the individual responsible for it and add a description.

In the second tab, “Team,” you’ll move on to the creation and editing process. This tab includes the members of your team and what role each of them will have in the product development process.

Watch a detailed video tutorial here.

Are you ready to get started with Z-Stream? Check out your free trial today, or dive in with the paid version to get started with a more effective project management tool for your business.