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What you need to know about Z-Stream!

04 September
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Z-Stream isn’t just one of the best project management software options on the market. It also helps you plan your project from start to finish. Based on Agile methodology, enhanced by a super-intuitive interface, our app is designed to make project management simple, fast, and easy to understand. Are you ready to create your first product in Z-Stream? Let’s get started with this agile project management tool.


Step 1: Create Your Product

A “Product” is the simple label used by Z-Stream to indicate your actual product. It includes the breadth of functionality that is expected to be implemented on it and its delivery to a client or end user.

To create a product, go to the “Product” tab. There, you’ll find a “Create a Product” window that contains two tabs: “Details” and “Team.” In the Details tab, you can provide the information necessary to get started on your project, including:

  •  The product line associated with the product
  •  The name of this specific product
  •  The individual responsible for product management details on this project
  •  An overall description of the product

In the second tab, “Team,” you’ll move on to the creation and editing process. This tab includes the members of your team and what role each of them will have in the product development process. Remember, the roles assigned to each team member will help define both what they need to accomplish as part of product development and what parts of the Z-Stream project management plan they’re able to interact with.

Step 2: Create a Release

Any product consists of phases of its development called releases—that is, the specific milestones throughout the product development process. To create a release, either go to the newly created product or go to the Releases tab. Click ‘Create a Release.” A new window will open. Select Product and name the release. Then, add a description and specify the time interval in which the release should be finished. With this strategy, you can easily set up a timeline for your entire project.

Step 3: Create a Sprint

Sprints are limited time periods in which scheduled amounts of work need to be completed. Sprints are an excellent way to meet solid product development goals, especially if you’re on a tight deadline. Every sprint includes a series of tasks that must be completed within a specific time period.

To create a sprint, go to either the Sprint tab or the newly created release. Click, “Create Sprint.” When the window opens, select Product and Release. Name the Sprint, then specify the time period of the release.

You can create several sprints for each individual project at the same time. This is an excellent strategic project management tool, since it will allow you to effectively schedule your project long­term. Sprints can be managed as needed as the project progresses, allowing you an agile project development tool that will easily integrate with your existing plans.

Step 4: Create Tasks

Tasks are included in each Product. They can be included under a certain Sprint or Release of the Product over which the work is being done. There are two ways to create tasks:

1)   Go into the Sprint to which it relates. Describe the task in the appropriate box, then press enter. To edit the task and access the expanded settings, click on the three dots and select “Edit Task”

2)   Go into the Tasks tab. Select “Create Task,” then fill in the required fields.

When creating or editing tasks, there are several settings you can manage:

  •  Product
  •  Release
  •  Sprint
  •  Add Summary
  •  Description
  •  Configure Type
  •  Priority
  •  Assignee
  •  Reporter
  •  Assign Estimate Time
  •  Due Date
  •  Attach Necessary Files

Each of these items will allow you to customize the task, ensuring that all of the information necessary to complete the task is available right there in your project management tool.

That’s it! With Z-Stream, creating and managing your projects has never been easier. This simple strategy makes it a snap to create your Products, manage Releases, and take care of all of the details involved in agile project management.

Are you ready to get started with Z-Stream? Check out your free trial today, or dive in with the paid version to get started with a more effective project management tool for your business.