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Z-Stream is an all-in-one team project management & product development tool, based on the principles of well-organized planning, execution and delivery. Its rich functionality and super friendly UI allow users to tailor the platform for different departments and utilize it to support various organizational processes, which makes Z-Stream a perfect agile tool for any team.


FFCL is a unique platform at the intersection of traditional football, video gaming and crypto technology. It’s literally a fully fan controlled football league, where through a groundbreaking mobile app fans dictate their team’s actions on and off the field: choosing team names and logos, making major roster decisions, even calling the plays live, in-game.


Boostr is the next generation CRM platform made specifically for the advertising and media industry to help businesses increase revenue and team productivity. Boostr works across all media types. Using innovative AI-based insights, industry specific software solutions and a number of integrations, it allows ad sales teams to save time, improve forecasting and, as a result, significantly accelerate.


A joint effort of wine experts and data science engineers, Palate club is the most accurate and personalized wine club app with a Sommelier-backed matching algorithm that calculates users’ personal wine profiles based on their blind wine tasting ratings, and selects wine of excellent quality catered to their specific palate.


MyVR is an all-encompassing solution for vacation rental owners and property managers that empowers vacation rental businesses to streamline management and boost revenues in a fast and easy way. The platform provides powerful in-app tools, integrates with the best products on the market and connects users to a pool of expert service providers for their business.


LoopMe is a full-stack solution that closes the loop on brand advertising and helps achieve excellent campaign performance and advertising results by leveraging mobile data and artificial intelligence. The platform uses AI and mobile DMP for enhanced real-time optimization and targeting to deliver successful video campaigns on mobile, desktop and connected TV devices.