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Dear Candidate,

Before submitting your resume, please pay attention to the location – we will not be able to review your resume and provide feedback if you are not (in fact) located in the location of the vacancy.

Thanks for understanding

About the project

Boostr is a venture-backed enterprise software company building solutions for the media & advertising industry. Frustrated by generic, horizontal CRM products, the founders decided to build the platform they wish they had as operators at Yahoo. We started with a CRM platform that’s disrupting how media sales teams are managed to result in time savings, increased forecast accuracy and revenue growth. Then we introduced an Order Management (OMS) product disrupting the market with the first omnichannel solution. Now we’re the only platform with a single CRM+OMS to manage the entire workflow. The best part, we’re just getting started and have an exciting roadmap of new products and features that will change the advertising world.

Key Stats:

— We’re inventing what the future looks like enabling our customers to realize their GTM strategies

— We work with industry leaders — Buzzfeed, Outfront, Electronic Arts, Vevo, Complex, Match Media, Axios

For the technical:

This is not your ordinary application. You will be working with Silicon Valley insiders that have built database internals (Postgres), and enterprise-scale systems such as Salesforce and Siebel systems. You will be building the next generation of enterprise-level infrastructure. You will be implementing and testing more than just another website. You will be learning techniques that allow infrastructure to scale to 1000’s of B2B customers and 100,000s of users. The infrastructure will allow those customers to define their own custom fields, define their own algorithms, organize their UI’s, etc. Much like most other SaaS solutions Boostr will scale to a level that is not typically seen in a web app.

You will be working on:

Configurable UI — allowing the customers to define their own UI

Self-describing APIs — these allow for the Configurable UI to understand what the UI is capable of

Scale of the infrastructure to the next level.


16 – Ruby on Rails

12 – Angular

8 – Quality Assurance

2 – DevOps

2 – Project Managers

Technology stack:

Angular, AngularJS, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Redis, Node.js, GCP

Let's talk about You:

  • 5+ years of professional experience in QA, testing complex web-based applications, preferably in B2B SaaS domains
  • Strong knowledge of API testing tools such as Postman or Swagger, with experience testing RESTful APIs
  • Deep understanding of software QA methodologies including shift left, regression, UAT, performance, load and stress testing
  • Hands-on experience with CI/CD tools such as Jenkins or GitLab CI/CD
  • Proficiency in SQL for database testing and manipulation
  • Excellent attention to detail and accuracy, with a proactive approach to problem-solving
  • Upper-Intermediate English proficiency, with excellent interpersonal skills and a collaborative mindset
  • Proactive approach to investigating and resolving issues, demonstrating self-starter discipline
  • Demonstrated commitment to continuous learning and adaptation in the QA field
  • Familiarity with automation testing frameworks like Selenium, Cucumber or Cypress is a plus
  • Experience with telemetry tools like Datadog is a plus

Will be a plus:

  • Practical experience with Google Cloud or Amazon AWS
  • Experience in writing JavaScript applications
  • Google DFP, Operative.ONE, Rubycon, ADX


  • Execute manual testing procedures meticulously to ensure the delivery of high-quality products that meet customer expectations
  • Conduct thorough testing of software features to identify defects and ensure they are resolved before release
  • Perform manual testing according to product requirements
  • Create, update, and maintain various types of test documentation including test plans, test cases, test scripts, and test reports
  • Ensure documentation is organized, up-to-date, and easily accessible for the team
  • Collaborate closely with development and product teams to identify and define test cases based on requirements
  • Advocate for the implementation of proper testing pyramid strategies to optimize testing efforts and coverage
  • Engage in daily communication with team members to provide updates on testing progress, issues encountered, and potential risks
  • Attend and actively contribute to various meetings such as daily stand-ups, demos, and knowledge-sharing sessions
  • Contribute to continuous improvement of product, quality and processes

Why join us:

  • Work Anywhere: Embrace the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. Your office could be a beach, a cozy café, or wherever you feel most inspired
  • Flexibility: Wave goodbye to the 9-to-5 grind. We believe in a flexible working schedule that fits your life.
  • Sponsored Education: We're invested in your growth. Enjoy sponsored education and training, ranging up to 50%.
  • Personal Development: We're not just about work; we're about your growth. Craft your personal development plan and watch your career soar.
  • Regular Salary Reviews: Your hard work won't go unnoticed. We conduct regular salary reviews to ensure you're fairly rewarded
  • Career Advancement: The sky's the limit! Move up the ladder based on your performance, and your career trajectory could surprise you
  • Tako Food: We believe in feeding your creativity and productivity. Enjoy a tasty treat on us with our special Tako Food offering
  • Corporate Events: From team outings to memorable celebrations, we know how to have a good time together
  • English Classes: Enhance your language skills and open doors to global opportunities with our sponsored English classes
  • Health Matters: Your health is our priority. Get your annual flu shot on us
  • Work Equipment: We provide top-notch tools. Receive a compensation of $600 for your work equipment
  • Core Value Awards: Being true to our core values pays off! Nominate peers for the Core Value Awards and enjoy a potential bonus
  • Paid vacation, sick leaves, national holidays, and bonus rewards for birthdays, weddings, and newborns.

Dear Candidate,

In an era of rapid technological advancement and the constant evolution of artificial intelligence, at Zazmiс, we believe in the importance of analyzing resumes not only through automated tools but also through interaction with a live recruiter. We value an individualized approach to each candidate and strive to make the hiring process more friendly and efficient.

Understanding the significance of your time and that of our colleagues, we offer you the opportunity to provide additional information that will help us better understand your profile and its alignment with the job description. Your initiative will assist us in making a more informed decision when considering your candidacy.

Please note that Zazmiс reserves the right not to respond to a candidate’s application if we conclude that the candidate does not meet our requirements for any reason. Please understand this as part of our commitment to an efficient and fair hiring process.
Thank you for your understanding and participation in our recruitment process.

Best regards,
The Zazmiс Team



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