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React – React Native developer for Illusive project

Intro & Goal

Illusive is a social media-driven challenge app. Our engagement platform is designed to provide the tools and technology to seamlessly host and participate in any challenge. This platform grants access to one-of-a-kind rewards and provides challenge creators with a monetization channel. All participants need is a smartphone with a camera to record their submission.

Our goal is to create an even playing field where talent and skill are celebrated with fairness and merit-based results being our guiding principles.


Who’s it for?

1. Participants – Many people already participate in challenges on various social media channels. Our app provides the essential tools to facilitate a great experience. Participants are those who submit content for a specific challenge.

2. Viewers – Challenges are intended to be entertaining in nature hence viewers will watch due to the entertainment value. Submissions can be viewed by anyone on the app and influence the scoring of submissions they view.

3. Challenge Creators – Those who create a challenge. Initially will be celebrities or influencers but will grow to include any users.


Why build it?

1. Online social media based challenges could be so much better. People are already doing it on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok but there isn’t a challenge specific app with the right functionality to support these challenges.

2. Provide a unique way for participants to interact and connect with celebrities and influencers.

3. Providing rich interactive experience creates a great opportunity to monetize through sponsorships and merchandise.

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