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Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions

10 February
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Hi readers,
The list below is based on Zazmic employees feedback. We almost exclusively use Сhrome and wanted to share with you the extensions we find most useful.

Browser extensions are the small softwares or computer programs, which work within and add functionality to the browser. Usually, these extensions don’t change the viewable content. Most of them add a toolbar to the browser interface.

The concept of adding functionality by means of “Extensions” or add-on or plug-in (as they are called in different browsers) is not new. Microsoft first introduced this concept in its Internet Explorer v.5 in 1999. Google Chrome has been supporting extensions since version 4 released in 2010. Many popular web browsers such as Google Chrome, FireFox and Apple Safari have their own stores from where users can download and install these extensions and get knowledge about these popular tools.

Here we are discussing Top 10 extensions for Google Chrome.


Snapmail is a very popular Google Chrome extension which enables users to send self destructive and encrypted emails. Although there are other applications and extensions that do this, none of them do this so seamlessly. The application includes a Snapmail button, along with a traditional “send” button.

When a user writes a message and clicks on the Snapmail button, the message is saved on Snapmail servers and an encrypted key is generated by the browser. The link to the message with encrypted key is sent to the receiver’s mailbox. When the receiver opens his/her mailbox, he/she has 60 seconds to read the content. After 60 seconds the message is deleted forever from Snapmail server.  This way, it is not possible for an unintended reader to misuse your communication.


Grammarly is a writing enhancement platform which has not only the established reputation amongst spell,  grammar and context error detection and correction softwares, but it has also made extension for Google Chrome. This extension helps the user to write online (on Facebook, Gmail, Tumbler, WordPress, Twitter or any other website) error free and with clarity.

It not only detects spelling and grammatical errors, but it also helps to choose proper words for different situations and detects contextual errors. In my opinion, this is the must have extension for anyone who publishes online.


If your work requires multiple Tabs open at once, your browsing experience will be slower than expected as individual Tabs will consume memory. You may also face problems looking at specific Tabs due to small size (size of Tab is dependent on the number opened). OneTab converts all the open Tabs in a list. The user can restore back to Tabs one by one or all at once. Furthermore, OneTab allows the user to import/export all of the Tabs from one device to another.

When using OneTab, open Tabs are listed and your browsing experience can be enhanced as it reduces memory consumption. The biggest benefit of using OneTab is that even when a Tab is  closed accidently, or the computer restarts unintentionally, Tabs are not lost.


Streak is another very important CRM  extension used to manage relationships with customers and colleagues inside your inbox.  It is done by grouping email conversations in boxes for different clients or customers. These boxes are then grouped into pipelines.

Streak is cloud based and is aiming to run and manage the business inside your inbox. It is also very flexible depending on need. It can be a simple To-Do list or a complete project management system.


The Google Bookmark Manager is another useful extension used to manage and keep record of your bookmarks. One can not only save bookmarks, but can also categorize  bookmarks in different folders or let Google categorize for you in different folders. One can also save images and notes to make bookmarks more descriptive and memorable.


Dimensions  is an extension for designers to measure screen size. Simply install Dimensions in Google Chrome and activate. You can measure any image, screen, area boundary and HTML elements with this extension. In short, you can measure everything in your browser window.


FIO or “Figure It Out” is a simple, attractive and handy time zone tracker. One can add up to 10 time zones in a new tab screen. With FIO, it is very easy to manage your online work, complete the tasks and arrange meetings online across different time zones.


It can be difficult to stay focused on specific tasks with so many possible distractions available online. These distractions are time wasters and delay completion of tasks.  Thanks to the StayFocusd extension, you can set time limits on specific websites. You can also block a site altogether, to eliminate it as a deterrent to production.


LastPass is an award winning password manager which helps users save passwords and logins securely. You need only to remember one master password of LastPass and the rest is taken care of by this extension. It will not only save your login details, but also Autologin to those websites.


Ads and commercials sometimes cause user annoyance and slow browsing experience. This free and most extensively used extension of Google Chrome is used and trusted by 50 million people across the globe. AdBlockPlus as its name implies will block most ads on Facebook and Youtube. It will also block all the noisy ads.

Hope you enjoyed this article.

Yann Kronberg