Zazmic Inc. is a company based in San Francisco that solves development, operations, cloud infrastructure, and security challenges so organizations can focus on their core business.


Yann Kronberg, CTO & Co-Founder

With 18 years of technology management experience in the software, open source & AdTech industries, including multiple successful start-up ventures and one IPO, Yann has excelled in leadership roles throughout his career and honed exceptional product vision. He has built exceptional products for AdTech, Big Data & Data Science. Yann has also served as head of product at Lifestreet, senior director of product at Velti where he led the product team building world class Ad Tech product line. Other key roles include leadership positions with Adinfuse (AdNetwork acquired by Velti) and Siebel Systems (an Oracle Company). Eventually, the idea of Zazmic as a multi-platform hub grew from his vision to help companies of all sizes build products and grow with on demand resources. Yann currently serves as the CTO of Zazmic, a service provider specializing in big data, data science & AdTech, where he manages the Product and Technology Team, which is comprised of 150 staff globally. Clients include Ericsson, Rakuten, Adxperience & France Telecom.

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Yuriy Yakovlev, Chief Architect & Co-Founder

Software Engineer with 15 years’ experience working in projects across full product lifecycle in Agile methodologies and in-depth knowledge of software engineering best practices, including coding standards, code reviews, source control management, continuous integration, build processes, testing, and operations. Yuriy has a proven track record in developing mobile and web-based applications, customer success, technical integration, process and system improvements, product management and business analysis. Given the breadth of his expertise, Yuriy has taken on multiple roles, from kick-starting projects and strategic development to team staffing and management, consistently ensuring successful project delivery.

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Tristan Peirotes, Biz Dev (Europe) & Co-Founder

Scholar and entrepreneur with background in Business Administration, Macroeconomics, Industrial Economics, Development Economics, and Ecological Economics. After working as CFO for a major manufacturer of industrial equipment, as a partner in several new ventures in the Catalan “Silicon Platja”, Tristan founded a consulting firm in Barcelona to serve the growing IT industry. Under his lead, the firm diversified into Enterprise Resource Planning, strategic development, and management consulting for both large corporate concerns and young, dynamic start-ups. Since 2015, Tristan has put his multifaceted expertise to the service of Zazmic and its clients as he leads business development in Europe.

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Cyrille Betant, President, Zazmic Finance

Cyrille is an international finance, operations, and commercial intelligence leader with over 20 years of experience in a variety of industries and institutions in the for-profit and non-profit, as well as private and public, sectors. Founder of several companies in various markets, Cyrille knows what it takes to build an operation from scratch and has used his expertise in many organizations and countries to excel at building strong teams with best-in-class processes and tools. As President of Zazmic Finance, Cyrille has scaled resources along with a range of solutions and full service packages to support our commercial and institutional clients’ mission and help design, start, run, finance their operations from incorporation to exit.

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Julia Sanders, CMO

Julie has a diverse background with more than 15 years in marketing, client services, and operations. She has substantial experience working with companies of various types and sizes, helping clients build and manage sales & support, define their brand, and growth-hack. During her time at Zazmic, a modest marketing team has grown into a self-sufficient digital marketing division of certified analysts and SEO, SMM, and email marketing specialists. Backed by years of practical experience and the Zazmic Digital creative team, she works with distributed teams to help them scale and align the company's creative focus while keeping abreast of the ever-changing marketing landscape.

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Archie O’Connor, Zazmic Ventures

Archie O'Connor is an accomplished and creative business and product development executive and entrepreneur, helping Zazmic increase revenue and execute strategically in the digital media, data science, and enterprise technology spaces. Archie is an expert in growing sustainable revenue, creating and understanding enterprise value, and leading high-performing multidisciplinary teams through empathetic leadership. He possesses crucial expertise in mobile platforms, enterprise sales, cloud based applications, data science, and product development strategy and has networked deeply within the Media, Brand, Venture, and Enterprise Technology spaces. Archie is prescient when it comes to recognizing cultural implications and business potential within emerging technologies and has hands-on experience conducting business globally.

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