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Cloud Services

Whether you need to streamline your development processes, migrate from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud, or improve the company’s data security, we’re here to help you get the most out of cloud capabilities.

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What Can Your Business Gain From Cloud Services?

Growing revenue, decreasing costs, and business prosperity are just a part of the benefits cloud solutions can provide. In particular, adopting the cloud capabilities enables even more benefits for your business:


Increased security

With cloud-based systems, you don’t need to hire security specialists to perform regular security checks. All security measures are done by the cloud provider while focusing on other critical business functions.


Reduced data storage, licensing, and IT costs

Migrating to the cloud systems allows you to save costs on storing a considerable amount of data, IT management efforts, and no licensing fees.


Greater scalability

Today, businesses can face the risk of a sudden need to scale their workloads. And here, clouds can help to handle unexpected workload changes without harming the app’s performance.


Higher business efficiency

While cloud providers take a lot of your responsibility and concerns, such as security and reduced manual tasks, your employees can put their forces into relationship-building and value-generating tasks. This can result in a better customer experience and consequently better business performance.


Increased business agility

Cloud capabilities open new horizons for remote work. Every team member has access to any required data stored in the cloud, making remote work efficient and straightforward. Thus, cloud infrastructure can reduce a company’s operational costs and ensure business continuity.


Reduced development time

Clouds eliminate the routine manual tasks that are time-consuming and inefficient. It takes just a few moments for our cloud specialists to set up cloud infrastructure and automate repetitive tasks. Hence, cloud capabilities allow businesses to reduce development time and make time-to-market faster.

Zazmic Works With the Leading Cloud Providers

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Types of Cloud-Based Services We Offer:

With our skilled and experienced cloud team on board, we offer a wide range of cloud services to support your business on the cloud journey. We’re ready to help you with any stage of this way, whether it’s cloud strategy development, consulting, rehosting, replatforming, migration, or further maintenance.

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Google Cloud Platform is a suite of Google-powered products that uses the same servers that Google uses to operate its customer-facing platforms. Google Cloud Platform offers a wide range of options and services for your business.


What Our Clients Say

Alban Dumouilla,

CTO at Numa. Inc.

Great engineers that listen, discuss and smoothly build the right solution for your product. Zazmic clearly cares about its customers!

David Meyer,

Founder & CEO,

Design, Architecture, Top engineers …. Zazmic has everything. Highly recommended.

Blaine Zuver,

CEO, TotalAdventure.Travel LLC

Incredible teamwork, feels like my own programming department. Everyone on the project all day, every day. Responding immediately to all concerns. My vision was carried out exactly, but with significant improvements from the team.

Pierre Schwob,

Founder & CEO, Context U

Zazmic Finance was invaluable in helping us put together an investor-friendly business plan that reflected the value of our company.

Richard Ariens,

CEO, Mercury Financial Trade Credit

Creativity, Design, Technical abilities; Zazmic has it all. They help us not only with our product but they were each steps of the way as we were raising money.

Archie O’Connor,

VP of Product Rakuten

Zazmic has guided us through our Cloud Transformation effort. They have mastered DataFlow, DataProc & Big query and helped us migrate toward GCP.

Pierre Schwob,

Founder & CEO, Context U

Our company has had since January, and still has, an excellent working relationship with Zazmic. Their design and engineer teams are world-class and very affordable. We maintain daily video chat meetings with them and the atmosphere is always cordial. Their deep knowledge is extremely useful (particularly with the latest stack advances) and the environment is always productive. We highly recommend them without any reservation.

Jon Buehler,

Founder & CEO, SkyDeep

Best Engineering team I ever worked with. Period.

Amber Higgins,

President, PeopleFinders

Zazmic is a productive extension of our software engineering and data engineering teams, affording us the ability to expedite multiple product launches. The team’s responsiveness and problem-solving viewpoint is refreshing, and a pleasure to work with.

Ian Berry,

Founder & CEO, Berry Good Products

I can't express how much we appreciate Zazmic Finance's guidance. We learned a lot through the process, and got a great investor deck that we couldn't have done by ourselves.


Cloud Success Stories

Angular Elasticsearch Nodejs

Boostr is a venture-backed enterprise software company building solutions for the media & advertising industry. This product helps media companies win more business and save time through a custom-built CRM and order management system.

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Sounding Board 2.0

Sounding board is a global business and leadership skills development platform that offers various coaching programs for C-Level executives and managers. The platform was created to enable leaders with critical and urgent skills to drive business outcomes through any type of business disruption.

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Angular Nodejs

Rakuten Inc. is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world. Its B2B2C e-commerce website, Rakuten Ichiba, is the largest e-commerce site in Japan and among the world's largest in terms of sales. Over the last two decades, several acquisitions have propelled Rakuten as a major force in the US.

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Have Any Questions About Cloud Services? Here Are the Answers.

What are cloud services?

Cloud services refer to a wide range of services offered to organizations over the cloud infrastructure. These services provide easy and fast access to the required resources or applications without using hardware or internal infrastructure. In particular, cloud services may include cloud migration, data analysis, cloud adoption, cost control and optimization, and many more.

What are the three cloud computing service delivery models?

There are three major types of cloud services: SaaS, IaaS, PaaS. Software as a Service (SaaS) stands for the software available to the users via the internet and usually requires a monthly subscription fee. Infrastructure as a Services (IaaS) offers pay-as-you-go compute, networking, and storage resources. To organize the work with data and access to the company's network, it’s necessary to provide storage and access to data. You need infrastructure: a server and network equipment, a room for its placement (data center or server room), specialists for configuration and maintenance. It’s expensive and time-consuming to organize your infrastructure. To reduce costs, you can rent a place in the data center and install your server there, you can rent a server (hosting) right away, or you can rent computing power: the number of processors, RAM, and so on. The latter will be IaaS. The main difference between IaaS and traditional hosting is the ability to scale and pay only for consumed resources quickly. To create software, you need different software. You need a platform - development environments, deployment tools, databases, machine learning libraries. Finished applications must be placed somewhere. Organizing all this is the most expensive and time-consuming process. To save money, you can use the cloud development environment (online IDE) and place ready-made programs on hosting applications with support for all the necessary services. These services are called Platform as A Service (PaaS.)

What is a cloud service provider?

A cloud provider is a company that provides cloud computing services and solutions using a wide range of virtual computing resources, including virtual servers, virtual storage systems, and virtual networks. For flexible infrastructure management, the cloud provider offers customers a tool in the form of a self-service portal, with which you can create, delete, configure virtual machines, adjust the provided capacity (storage, memory, network), network parameters, and more. Zazmic cooperates with three leading cloud providers: Google Cloud Platform, Amazon AWS, and Microsoft Azure.

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