Zazmic is a group of 250+ (and growing) world class engineers, Data Scientists, UX engineers and Cloud Engineers that support any stage of business growth.

Innovation is everything. Our engineers keep pace with disruptive innovations that will drive the most impact for your business
Ready for the next level advertising? We utilize the full power of digital media to leverage your brand’s online presence
We are here to build with you and for you the infrastructure your organization needs to grow and fulfill its mission
We are startup people, constant beginner and life learners excited about the future. We believe that success begets success. Our mission is to help companies innovate, meet objectives and ultimately succeed. We are your team!

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Zazmic Becomes a Google Cloud Premier Partner

Zazmic has partnered Google Cloud to expand our technical capabilities and deliver even more innovative and secure solutions to our clients. As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, Zazmic is now a trusted resource to support you in the cloud. Whether you are looking into app development, migration, cloud-based solutions – we have certified technical experts to help.

Get Google’s Intelligent Tools For Your Business

Upgrade your virtual workplace with G Suite, a perfect collaboration suite: get custom business email, 30G of inbox, unlimited Docs storage, smart scheduling in Calendar, video meetings in Hangouts – all in one place with the possibility to be shared among the team, accessible anytime from any device, both online and offline.


Zazmic Inc. is a company based in San Francisco that solves development, operations, cloud infrastructure and security challenges so organizations can focus on their core business.

Julie Sanders


Julie has a diverse background with more than 15 years in marketing, client services and operations.

Yann Kronberg

CTO & Co-Founder

Yann has excelled in leadership roles throughout his career and honed exceptional product vision.

Yuriy Yakovlev

Chief Architect & Co-Founder

Software Engineer with 15 years’ experience working in projects across full product lifecycle in Agile.

Tristan Peirotes

Biz Dev (Europe) & Co-Founder

Tristan founded a consulting firm in Barcelona to serve the growing IT industry.

Cyrille Betant

President, Zazmic Finance

International finance, operations and commercial intelligence leader with over 20 years of experience.

Archie O'connor

Zazmic Ventures

Expert in growing sustainable revenue, enterprise value and leading high-performing multidisciplinary teams through empathic leadership.

  • 2018
  • Partnerships

    As soon as our team got fully trained and certified, Zazmic became a Google Cloud Premier Partner--Google's recognized and trusted resource to support our clients in the cloud with cutting-edge solutions and innovation tools. We passed 250 employees in late 2018.

  • Z-Software

    The experience and knowledge we gained along the way gave us new perspectives, and inspired us to create Zazmic’s own software that would change the way teams approach collaboration, product development, and execution. This is how our latest project management platform Z-stream was built.

  • Z-Startups

    In 2015 we made our first successful investment in startups. 3 years later, Zazmic is spinning off an average of 3 startups per year.

  • Going global

    Within three years, Zazmic became a 200+ experts strong full-stack support system behind Fortune 500s and fast-growth startups all over the world. Offices were opened in Dnipro, Barcelona and San Francisco.

  • 2012
  • Early days

    In the best traditions of Silicon Valley startups, Zazmic was born in the garage of a San Francisco house, when Yann, Tristan and Yuriy started their first project together.

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The 10 VR Startups Forecasted to Shape Virtual Reality World in 2017

Introduction Virtual Reality did not just debut as a neophyte in the market in 2016. In fact, it had already taken tentative baby steps in the early 90s. If every progress it has accomplished over the years since its introduction is to be taken into account, consumers’ adaptation with VRs was generally slow-moving when compared to other wearables. Once in awhile Virtual Reality was able to showcase new innovations over that period of their market overture, but all in all what those amounted to were short or slight hypes that were either insignificant or momentary. In 2015 Gartner Inc. released …

Hello, Zazmic! Welcome to Silicon Valley.

Hello, Zazmic! Let us introduce you to the world. We, Tristan Peirotes and Yann Kronberg, cofounded Zazmic in 2012. Three years ago, one developer, one designer and  started our first project in the attic of my San Francisco house.These initial baby steps held our interest and we went on to build a platform that was a kind of Airbnb for boats. We never looked back.Three years later, we have  25+ projects of varying sizes,from real time financial trading to location based messaging apps but we aren’t all serious all the time.Recently, we launched an Apple TV app because our friend …

The Most Useful Features of Z-Stream

Z-Stream: it’s the latest app for managing your agile team, designed with a wide range of departments and features in mind. Before you dive in with Z-Stream, however, you want to make sure you’ve got a good idea of the functionality it can offer you! Don’t miss out on any of these features for your agile team. #1: Dashboard The dashboard, or dash, is your control panel. Located directly on the first page of Z-Stream, it displays the controls and provides a wide range of important information, including: 

Clients Say We Deliver On

We’re excited to announce that we are now featured on Clutch, a ratings and reviews site for B2B services. The firm reviews and researches several hundred companies in both web and mobile development. To be listed on in Clutch’s research, we were examined based on a methodology that includes over a dozen criteria. These included our client, market presence, and past experience. Additionally, Clutch took the time to speak to several of our clients and hear what they had to say about our work. Here are some of the things Zazmic’s clients had to say about their experience with us: …

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