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What we love doing !

Elastic Engineering

95% of Zazmic is pure engineering. Talent when you need, where you need it. We are experts in our domains, great problem solvers, people you want to work with and learn from.

Cloud Engineering

Zazmic was born in the cloud. We are a Google Cloud Premier Partner for 2 years running with a certified team of cloud experts. Consulting, Digital transformation Migration services are our favorite pastime.

Digital Marketing

Ready for the next level advertising? SEO, Content, Content marketing. Paid media & Creative optimization Analytics


ML is our founders hobby. They started the company in 2012 solving complex optimization issues or Ad Tech. From Tensorflow to lightGBM, Zazmic Data scientists always experiment with the latest innovation in this space.

Our clients

Zazmic Inc. is headquartered in San Francisco, California. We solve development, operations, cloud infrastructure and security challenges so organizations can focus on their core business.

Alban Dumouilla, CTO at Daylighted Inc.

Great engineers that listen, discuss and smoothly build the right solution for your product. Zazmic clearly cares about its customers!

David Meyer, Founder & CEO,

Zazmic Finance helped educate my management team and keep them on top of their organization’s finances.

Blaine Zuver, CEO, TotalAdventure.Travel LLC

Incredible teamwork, feeling like my own programming department. Everyone on the project all day, every day. Responding immediately to all concerns. My vision was carried out exactly, but with significant improvements from the team.

Pierre Schwob, Founder & CEO, Context U

Zazmic Finance was invaluable in helping us put together an investor-friendly business plan that reflected the value of our company.

Richard Ariens, CEO, Mercury Financial Trade Credit

Creativity, Design, Technical abilities; Zazmic has it all. They help us not only with our product but they were each steps of the way as we were raising money.

Linda Shore, Executive Director, Astronomical Society of the Pacific

Zazmic Finance is our CFO, strategic advisor, international business development hand, and so much more.

Pierre Schwob, Founder & CEO, Context U

Our company has had since January, and still has, an excellent working relationship with Zazmic. Their design and engineer teams are world-class and very affordable. We maintain daily video chat meetings with them and the atmosphere is always cordial. Their deep knowledge is extremely useful (particularly with the latest stack advances) and the environment is always productive. We highly recommend them without any reservation.

Jon Buehler, Founder & CEO, SkyDeep

They helped me design my investor presentation for maximum impact.

Amber Higgins, President, PeopleFinders

Zazmic is a productive extension of our software engineering and data engineering teams, affording us the ability to expedite multiple product launches. The team’s responsiveness and problem-solving viewpoint is refreshing, and a pleasure to work with.

Ian Berry, Founder & CEO, Berry Good Products

I can't express how much we appreciate Zazmic Finance's guidance. We learned a lot through the process, and got a great investor deck that we couldn't have done by ourselves.


What we do

How we work

Who we are

Zazmic is a multi-platform hub for on demand CTO & CMO solutions.

Helping businesses that lack resources to make their idea reality is our mission. This is why we introduced a multi-fold model of continuous all-encompassing support. In other words, we take the responsibility to cover every stage of your company’s growth, whether it’s fundraising, financial management and business planning, product development and technical support, or product launch and user acquisition, while you shift energy to your main role. If you can dream it, we can do it!

Building infrastructure with integrity is our core business concern.

We know that trust and confidence go hand in hand. Zazmic is meant as that very team, which doesn’t fall on you as a burden of constant control and interference, but rather can be fully trusted and guided where possible. Whether you come to us with a well-thought-out roadmap, a napkin sketch, or just an idea in your head, we take it from there and provide you with the tools and expertise you need to get maximally productive, move forward and achieve goals. We empower you to succeed!

Constant beginner and life learners excited about the future.

Just like many groundbreakers out there, we started small while thinking big. Today Zazmic is a 250+ experts strong team, and a global support system behind startups & Fortune 500 companies, ready to step in at any stage of your development process, and be there for you from start to finish, from idea to launch, and beyond. Committed to your goal, we become one to bring it to life, and we are not satisfied until your vision is realized completely, because we are your team!

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