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Our Core Capabilities

At Zazmic, we specialize in four core capabilities that form the foundation of our success:

Cloud Engineering

As proud Google Premier Partners, we have a certified team of cloud architects and engineers who can help you harness the power of Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure. From consulting to digital transformation and cloud migration, we have the expertise to optimize your cloud infrastructure and ensure seamless operations.

AI and ML

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are at the forefront of innovation. We are constantly exploring new AI and ML tools to provide you with state-of-the-art solutions that drive growth and efficiency.

Software Development

Our team of expert engineers, experienced problem solvers, and dedicated professionals are well-versed in a wide range of technologies, including Angular, React, Vue.js, Node.js, Ruby, Java, and Python. With 95% of Zazmic dedicated to engineering, we deliver top-quality software solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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Looker and Snowflake Solutions

Unlock the power of your data with Looker and Snowflake. Our team of experts can help you leverage Looker's business intelligence and data analytics platform combined with Snowflake's cloud data warehouse to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions.

Transform Your Business with the Power of AI/ML

Zazmic is your trusted partner for AI/ML implementation. As a leading technology company, we specialize in harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive innovation and transformation for businesses. Our expert team of AI/ML specialists is equipped with the knowledge and experience to help companies successfully implement these cutting-edge technologies. Whether you’re looking to optimize processes, enhance decision-making capabilities, or unlock valuable insights from your data, Zazmic is here to empower your organization with AI/ML solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Experience the Benefits of Zazmic

Partnering with Zazmic comes with a host of benefits:


Google Cloud Partnership – As a Google Cloud Premier partner, we bring enhanced support and expertise in app development, project management, cloud migration, AI/ML, data analytics, and cost control.


Comprehensive Support – We are your multi-platform hub for on-demand CTO & CMO solutions. Whether you need assistance with product development, technical support, or product launch and user acquisition, we provide continuous, all-encompassing support to help you realize your vision.


Building Infrastructure with Integrity – Trust and confidence are paramount in any partnership. Zazmic is your reliable and trusted partner, committed to understanding your goals and providing the tools, expertise, and guidance necessary to build scalable, secure, and customized software solutions.

Trusted and Experienced Across Industries

Zazmic has successfully handled hundreds of technical challenges across various industries. Our expertise extends to:


Advanced healthcare solutions that deliver accurate outcomes and enhance the patient experience.


Innovative solutions for insurance, trading, and financial management.


Development services for targeting software, supply- and demand-side platforms, real-time bidding platforms, and more.


Building learning management systems, corporate training platforms, and online course software for the education sector.


Addressing scalability, security, customization, user experience, and third-party integrations for e-commerce and retail companies globally.

Clients reviews

Alban Dumouilla,

CTO at Numa. Inc.

Great engineers that listen, discuss and smoothly build the right solution for your product. Zazmic clearly cares about its customers!

David Meyer,

Founder & CEO,

Design, Architecture, Top engineers …. Zazmic has everything. Highly recommended.

Blaine Zuver,

CEO, TotalAdventure.Travel LLC

Incredible teamwork, feels like my own programming department. Everyone on the project all day, every day. Responding immediately to all concerns. My vision was carried out exactly, but with significant improvements from the team.

Pierre Schwob,

Founder & CEO, Context U

Zazmic Finance was invaluable in helping us put together an investor-friendly business plan that reflected the value of our company.

Richard Ariens,

CEO, Mercury Financial Trade Credit

Creativity, Design, Technical abilities; Zazmic has it all. They help us not only with our product but they were each steps of the way as we were raising money.

Archie O’Connor,

VP of Product Rakuten

Zazmic has guided us through our Cloud Transformation effort. They have mastered DataFlow, DataProc & Big query and helped us migrate toward GCP.

Jon Buehler,

Founder & CEO, SkyDeep

Best Engineering team I ever worked with. Period.

Amber Higgins,

President, PeopleFinders

Zazmic is a productive extension of our software engineering and data engineering teams, affording us the ability to expedite multiple product launches. The team’s responsiveness and problem-solving viewpoint is refreshing, and a pleasure to work with.

Ian Berry,

Founder & CEO, Berry Good Products

I can't express how much we appreciate Zazmic Finance's guidance. We learned a lot through the process, and got a great investor deck that we couldn't have done by ourselves.

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