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Machine Learning Scientist II for Travel Project

Dear Candidate,

Before submitting your resume, please pay attention to the location – we will not be able to review your resume and provide feedback if you are not (in fact) located in the location of the vacancy.

Thanks for understanding

About the project – №1 Travel platform in the world! 

We believe that we are better together, and at company we welcome you for who you are. Our workplace is for everyone, as is our people powered platform.
At company, we want you to bring your unique identities, abilities, and experiences, so we can collectively revolutionize travel and together find the good out there. 

Our company`s Data Science Team is looking for an exceptional experienced Senior Machine Learning Engineer to help lead the design and implementation of next generation systems to help our users discover, iterate, and execute on their travel plans. Our team is focused on recommendation, personalization, explanation, and enhanced user interaction across multiple business verticals including Experiences, Accommodations, and Restaurants. As a Machine Learning Engineer working in this space, you will have the opportunity to apply your modeling and engineering skills to a number of different areas, with a particular focus on recommendations, generative AI, NLP, and system design.

Project is the web’s leading travel information site. At company, the Data Science and ML Team creates systems that influence the travel decisions of millions of people per day. It applies cutting edge machine learning techniques to a wide variety of areas, including recommenders, computer vision, and natural language processing. To ensure continued success, Tripadvisor promotes a culture of personal development, including social activities, journal clubs, memberships in online learning resources, and participation in industry conferences. Have a great time while shaping the future of travel!

This  position requires work hours alignment with UK/Lisbon  time  zone

What you will do:

  • Seek out new opportunities to apply data science and machine learning to the business (e.g., personalized recommendations, NLP, customer modeling) across all channels (e.g., Web, email, paid marketing)
  • Work with other teams in solving problems and identifying opportunities
  • Lead the design of machine learning models to solve a variety of core business problems in customer acquisition, retention, and reactivation
  • Automate ETL pipelines
  • Prototype, evaluate, deploy and maintain new models in production
  • Design AB tests and analyze their results
  • Discover new ways to analyze and interpret the data
  • Communicate progress and interpretation of experimental results to technical and business stakeholders
  • Lead the determination of next steps for each project

Who You Are:

  • Masters in Computer Science, Engineering, Statistics, or related field preferred
  • Experience with Recommender Systems
  • Strong background in machine learning and statistics
  • Solid foundation on data structures and algorithms
  • Proficiency in Python for numerical/statistical programming (our group relies heavily on Pandas/Numpy/Scikit-learn/PyTorch)
  • Ability to write complex SQL queries
  • Experience with big data technologies, such as Snowflake and Spark
  • Knowledge of AB test design and analysis
  • Track record of leading the deployment and maintenance of models
  • At least 1 year of relevant, practical experience (2 preferred). Nice to Haves:
  • Experience with online businesses.
  • Familiarity with 2 sided marketplaces

Why join us:

  • Ability to work remotely from anywhere in the world
  • Close cooperation with the development team and client
  • Opportunity to influence product development
  • Professional growth: the certification preparation course is free for our specialists. The company pays for two attempts to pass the exam, regardless of the exam result
  • We cover English classes (with a native speaker)
  • Boost professional brand: you can participate in local conferences as a listener or as a speaker
  • Regular team buildings: have fun with teammates
  • Gifts for significant life events (marriage, childbirth)
  • Tech and non-tech Zazmic Communities: support and share experience with each other


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    Perks of being a Company

    Work from anywhere in the world
    Work from anywhere in the world
    Gifts to mark significant life events
    English classes with a native speaker

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