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Software Engineer II (Java/Python/FastAPI)

Dear Candidate,

Before submitting your resume, please pay attention to the location – we will not be able to review your resume and provide feedback if you are not (in fact) located in the location of the vacancy.

Thanks for understanding

About the project – №1 Travel platform in the world! 

We believe that we are better together, and at company we welcome you for who you are. Our workplace is for everyone, as is our people powered platform.
At company, we want you to bring your unique identities, abilities, and experiences, so we can collectively revolutionize travel and together find the good out there. 

Our team is building out a next generation Machine Learning Platform for all data scientists and machine learning engineers across all of Project’s brands. Our mission is to empower data scientists to work independently and scale their productivity to enable broader and deeper utilization of machine learning techniques to help improve the business performance. Clients hosts over 400 million monthly active visitors and operates across multiple cloud environments. Our data is at the petabyte scale, requiring a scalable, efficient, and reliable machine learning platform to support it.

We are seeking a talented, experienced, Software Engineer to help develop and integrate machine learning models into backend systems and infrastructure. Candidates will create backend components, services, and APIs to support the deployment, scalability, and operation of models and solutions.

We leverage Kubernetes and a variety of open source software (e.g. Kubeflow, Seldon, Istio, Mlflow) to train and deploy over one hundred models serving a billion requests per day.

What you will do:

  • Collaborate with data scientists and machine learning engineers to build backend systems and integrate models into them.
  • Collaborate with cross functional teams of data scientists, frontend engineers, and product managers to deliver end-to-end solutions.
  • Design, implement, and maintain backend services required for hosting, serving, or connecting to machine learning models or AI-powered applications.
  • Design and implement APIs to facilitate communication between client systems and machine learning components, and to expose machine learning functionalities to other areas of the site.
  • Ensure APIs are well-documented and provide a clear interface for interacting with components of the machine learning platform.
  • Optimize backend infrastructure to handle varying machine learning workloads efficiently at scale.
  • Develop and maintain CI/CD pipelines for automated testing, deployment, and monitoring of systems and infrastructure.

Who You Are:

  • Computer Science degree or equivalent experience
  • At least 5 years’ experience of commercial software development.
  • Willingness and ability to take on new projects and technologies.
  • Ability to break down complex problems into simple solutions.
  • Strong analytical skills and desire to write clean, correct and efficient code.
  • Sense of ownership, urgency and pride in your work.
  • Familiarity with microservice architecture and principles
  • Experience building microservices with Java or Python
  • Hands-on experience building RESTful APIs
  • Strong understanding of database systems and proficiency in SQL

Nice to have:

  • Exposure to machine learning platforms and practices
  • Experience with Spring Boot or FastAPI
  • Experience with cloud platforms (e.g. AWS, Azure, GCP)
  • Experience with infrastructure as code tools like CDK or Terraform
  • Experience with containerization technologies (e.g. Docker)
  • Experience with container services like Kubernetes or ECS
  • Experience with distributed computing such as Snowflake or Apache Spark

Why join us:

  • Ability to work remotely from anywhere in the world
  • Close cooperation with the development team and client
  • Opportunity to influence product development
  • Professional growth: the certification preparation course is free for our specialists. The company pays for two attempts to pass the exam, regardless of the exam result
  • We cover English classes (with a native speaker)
  • Boost professional brand: you can participate in local conferences as a listener or as a speaker
  • Regular team buildings: have fun with teammates
  • Gifts for significant life events (marriage, childbirth)
  • Tech and non-tech Zazmic Communities: support and share experience with each other


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    Perks of being a Company

    Work from anywhere in the world
    Work from anywhere in the world
    Gifts to mark significant life events
    English classes with a native speaker

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