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Achieving efficiency in a Complex Industry: Richr's Partnership with Zazmic




Real Estate

Team size



8 months

Core Technologies:


The real estate industry in the United States is complex and burdensome due to various federal, state, local laws, and banking regulations. The Richr product aimed at simplifying the process and at streamlining paperwork for clients, and at removing the challenges associated with buying and selling real estate properties.


To achieve its vision, Richr partnered with Zazmic to build high-performance, user-friendly platforms and to provide additional services such as designing a website, migrating to the cloud, and creating a WordPress blog.

  1. Develop a user-friendly on-line marketplace where buyers and sellers can sell and purchase properties first in the Florida state, then to the entire United States. Features such as property tours, assessments, and streamlined documentation are key to the success of the Marketplace.
  2. For Sellers, the platform simplifies selling real estate, gathering information via integrated questionnaires that quickly gather information about their assets. It also helps with MLS property listings and transfer of cash.
  3. Improve the website’s design to achieve a modern and intuitive user interface (UI) and enhance the overall user experience (UX).
  4. Migrate the Richr infrastructure from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to reduce costs, increase performance, and leverage additional services.
  5. Build and operate a WordPress blog for Richr to foster a community, provide advice to new clients, and share news related to the Florida real estate environment.



The design team focused on creating a modern and user-friendly interface, addressing various user experience (UX) challenges. By employing a clean layout, sharp typography, and muted colors, our designers achieved a sleek and minimalist design. A library of visual elements was also developed to support future design expansion.


The frontend part of the Richr product was developed using Next.js, React, and TypeScript, ensuring fast and responsive user interfaces, efficient code splitting, server-side rendering, and powerful data manipulation capabilities.


The backend part of the Richr product was built using Python, Django, Django REST Framework, Django Admin, Swagger, and PostgreSQL. RESTful APIs facilitated seamless communication between the frontend and backend. Integrations with third-party services such as Zoho CRM, Zoho Sign, and Zoho Drive were implemented to ensure real-time data synchronization.

Buy Platform

The Buy platform was developed based on an existing platform called Xbroker and featured an API connection with the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) database. It enabled users to book property tours, assess properties, and submit purchase offers. Additionally, the platform automated the necessary documentation process, reducing paperwork and simplifying the buying experience for clients.

Sell Platform

The Sell platform was built from scratch, tailored specifically for Richr. It incorporated property questionnaires, integration with MLS for property listings, and monitoring services to track advertisements. The platform provided property owners with an efficient and accessible solution to reach potential buyers across various MLS services and advertisement sites.

WordPress Blog

A custom WordPress theme was designed to align with Richr’s branding and aesthetics. The theme included custom post types and fields to support the blog’s content structure and functionality. Additionally, custom Elementor widgets were integrated into the article editor to enhance the blog’s visual appeal.


The Richr website was designed to be mobile-friendly, which is a key Google ranking factor. The site is fully responsive and adapts to different screen sizes and devices. The use of modern web development technologies such as React and Next.js, and a well-designed frontend resulted in impressive site speed, with quick load times and minimal lag or delays. These factors have helped improve the site’s search rankings and visibility in search engine results pages.

Cloud Migration

Zazmic successfully migrated Richr’s infrastructure from AWS to GCP, leveraging the Sustainable Usage Discount program to reduce costs significantly. The migration improved the platform performance and provided rapid insights and monitoring capabilities.


Through Zazmic’s expertise, Richr successfully achieved its goals of creating an innovative, user-friendly, and commission-free real estate platform. The collaboration resulted in a real estate marketplace, a modern website design, efficient cloud migration, and a community-driven WordPress blog. Richr’s commitment to simplifying real estate transactions in Florida was realized, providing buyers and sellers with a hassle-free homeownership experience.

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