IDGITAL was founded in 2018 by leaders in Radiology & Technology spaces with the distinct purpose of driving healthtech forward from it's highly antiquated, slow, and expensive status it holds today. The distinct teams, both with decades of experience combined forces to bring decades of experience leading this innovation to become one of the nation's pioneers in 100% cloud-based, zero-footprint viewer, advanced workflow with FDA approved Algorithm.

Business Situation


IDGITAL is live and works to further develop its cloud-based TeleRadiology platform. This includes a zero-footprint viewer, Intelligent Workflow and the integration of the Healthcare APIs from Google.


Zazmic, in collaboration with the Google Cloud engineering team, works to leverage the IDGITAL healthcare API and GCP and to build a modern Healthcare platform. In addition to the HealthCare API solution, IDGITAL utilizes the Machine Learning and AI capabilities offered by the Google ecosystem.

John Hopkins, COO IDGITAL

IDGITAL integrated the Healthcare API and compute Engine. We went live in a couple of months with a solution that is 100% cloud base, with no major issues, and the system is showing amazing Performance.


Zazmic inc. delivered the IDGITAL Teleradiology platform, a transformational, cloud-based Software for Radiologist, with Zero footprint viewer and Advanced workflow. Compute, Container engines, and the Healthcare API were key parts of this sophisticated platform. Given the scale and the amount of data being processed, and the need to have a solution on prem or/and Purely on the cloud. Kubernetes is also part of the designed solution. Large Scale reporting, as well as the Auto ML capabilities of bigquery, were also added in this effort to satisfy key business KPIs in invoicing and the integration of ML in the platform.


Zazmic, using onshore and offshore resources implemented and delivered a complete Teleradiology cloud-based Platform. Currently, more than 16 hospitals and facilities are using this platform for their TeleRad needs. IDGITAL is also designing a new integration VM, eliminating the need for a legacy system such as DCM4CHEE or MYRTH, as well as an OnPrem solution for Hospitals.