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Europe’s Bank

Transforming Online Banking with Zazmic's Expertise: The Case of Europe's Bank Leader


European Bank (NDA)



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One of the leading financial institutions faced critical business challenges in implementing a new framework for its online banking platform. The bank required tech expertise in Angular, Java, and Material UI, as well as proficiency in automated testing. To address these challenges, Zazmic collaborated with the bank, offering its extensive experience and skills in the domain of software development and project management.


The primary objective was to implement a robust framework for the bank’s online banking system, equipped with the latest technologies. Zazmic set out to leverage its technical expertise in Angular, Java, and Material UI to design and develop a cutting-edge framework for the bank’s platform. The team also aimed to streamline the development process by adopting an Agile development approach, shifting from the traditional waterfall model.

Solutions Delivered

Zazmic commenced the project by conducting a thorough investigation of the bank’s existing infrastructure and architecture. This enabled the identification of critical areas that required improvement. With a clear roadmap in place, Zazmic built a new architecture to facilitate the seamless migration to the Backbase framework, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition.

One of the key solutions provided by Zazmic was the implementation of Backbase framework to automate the main services of the bank for its clients. This automation significantly enhanced the bank’s efficiency and allowed for faster delivery of new products to production.

Zazmic team also assisted the financial institution in transitioning from the waterfall development approach to a more agile SCRUM model. This shift resulted in predictable sprints and the ability to work in smaller, more focused teams, thereby boosting productivity.

Lastly, Zazmic skillfully employed the Robot framework to cover the bank’s B2C services with automated tests. This comprehensive testing approach ensured the reliability and stability of the online banking platform, providing a seamless experience to the bank’s customers.


Zazmic’s expertise and dedication brought forth tangible benefits for the bank and its clients:

Accelerated Product Delivery

With Zazmic’s support, the bank achieved faster delivery of new products to production, enabling it to stay competitive in the dynamic banking landscape.

Flexibility in Team Composition

Zazmic’s adaptable approach allowed the banking leader to expand its teams as needed, ensuring access to the right expertise at the right time.

Optimized Resource Allocation

The collaboration facilitated the seamless allocation of resources, allowing the bank to optimize resources from automated quality assurance to database optimization, as per project requirements.

Agile Project Development

By guiding the bank through the transition to SCRUM, Zazmic enabled the bank to embrace agile practices, improving project efficiency and responsiveness to changing market demands.

Zazmic’s invaluable contributions facilitated faster product delivery, empowered flexible teams, and allowed for efficient resource allocation. As a result, the bank’s clients experienced enhanced satisfaction and convenience, marking a new era of digital banking for the institution.

With an impressive track record of building agile projects and a team of highly skilled experts, Zazmic continues to be a trusted partner for companies seeking innovation and excellence in IT, development, and cloud technologies.

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