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EdTech Platform

Building a Robust Learning Platform: The EdTech App for Math Case Study


Online Learning Platform (NDA)


Education Technology

Team Size:



5+ years

Core Technologies:


Recognizing the limitations of traditional learning methods, the EdTech platform was born from a desire to break down the barriers to math success for learners of all ages, abilities, and learning goals. The project team envisioned a solution that would cater to both individual learners and educators, providing interactive content, personalized practice, exam simulations, and progress tracking.


The client sought a software development partner with proven expertise in educational and e-commerce platforms to create a comprehensive app offering engaging features and user experience across desktop computers and mobile devices. This software development project included development, quality insurance, UX/UI design, ongoing enhancements, integrations with other systems, and analytics.

Solutions Delivered

Zazmic crafted a robust technical foundation for the EdTech platform, utilizing Angular’s SPA (single-page application) framework for a dynamic desktop experience, the Swift’s native performance for the iOS apps, Laravel’s MVC architecture for efficient back-end logic, MySQL for data storage, and Google Cloud Platform for the infrastructure.

  • Video lessons were delivered through embedded HTML5 video.
  • Use of JavaScript libraries to create exercises and integrate audio recordings.
  • Use of progress-tracking mechanisms and adaptive learning algorithms to personalize the learning path.
  • Use of adaptive testing modules with question banks and scoring logic based on chosen courses.
  • Use of WordPress for flexible content management of courses, lessons, and other website content.
  • In terms of UX and UI design, intuitive navigation, responsive design, and user-friendly interactions across platforms were prioritized.
  • Authorize.net was integrated for secure online payments.
  • Use of industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL/TLS) encryption to protect user data and ensure secure transactions within the app.
  • The Zazmic team provides consistent support for app users, ensuring the app’s smooth operation and continuous improvement.


Zazmic has successfully delivered an efficient, scalable, and secure platform that meets all client requirements, translating their vision into a robust technical solution. The app has achieved high user engagement and satisfaction, leading to consistent growth in the client’s user base and profitability.


By understanding the client’s vision and applying our expertise in educational app development, Zazmic delivered a solution that empowers the client to achieve their business goals and provide impactful learning experiences for users.