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Cloud-Native Tools for Healthcare: An Inside Look at CloudsHealth's Solutions


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The Story Behind CloudsHealth

CloudsHealth is an innovative healthcare technology company dedicated to enhancing information interchange across all healthcare entities. Our mission is to unlock the true value of data within the healthcare industry, paving the way for a more efficient and effective healthcare system.

We recognize that traditional methods of information interchange in healthcare can be slow, insecure, and unreliable. That’s why we’ve developed a suite of cloud-native tools that can help healthcare organizations integrate faster and more securely and utilize the latest technological advancements for data transformation, transcoding, orchestration, and voice recognition to make the work with clinical documentation simpler, quicker, and more accurate.

Key Challenges in Healthcare Sector

Our research showed that traditional information interchange processes in the healthcare industry do not correspond with the demand for rapid and secure data exchange as they take too much time to complete, are open to multiple privacy breaches, and are prone to errors. As a result, traditional methods of information exchange have led to significant inefficiencies and delays in the healthcare system.

Here are the key issues that make the work in healthcare inefficient:

  1. Manual data entry creates multiple opportunities for mistakes that can have a severe impact on patient outcomes.
  2. Exhausting and time-consuming work with documentation is one of the key causes of burnout among physicians.
  3. Data exchange between physicians and clinics is usually prone to errors, complicated, and slow, which results in poor operational efficiency.
  4. Current clinical information interchange processes are also insecure and expose patients’ personal data to the risk of disclosure to third parties.

Recognizing these challenges, the CloudsHealth team set out to develop innovative tools that could help healthcare organizations to streamline the information interchange process across all healthcare entities and make work with medical reports simpler, quicker, and more accurate.

Solutions Delivered

CloudsHealth met these challenges by creating three innovative tools:

  1. Medical Interchange
    A cloud-native approach to accepting data exchange with traditional DMSE, Wado, and MLLP payloads and securely transporting, transforming, transcoding, and transmitting or storing the data in internal or external stores. This tool has proven to be highly effective in streamlining healthcare data interchange and improving operational efficiency.
  2. Speech Recognition
    The use of Google’s Speech-to-Text has enabled medical dictation to be efficient and rapid. The integration into a radiology dictation screen allows quick and efficient transformation of the text into HL7 files that can be further added to the EMR or RIS. This tool has been highly praised by medical professionals for its accuracy and efficiency.
  3. Machine Learning
    CloudsHealth has developed a solution that allows machine learning teams to rapidly go to market without the need for instrumenting complex DICOM, HL7, or FHIR components. This solution also de-identifies and re-identifies clinical records to ensure that patient data is not exposed to third-party models, making it highly secure and compliant.


CloudsHealth’s innovative suite of tools changes the way healthcare organizations operate and deliver services to their patients. By implementing our cloud-native solutions, healthcare providers can streamline their operations and significantly improve the delivery of care. With our cutting-edge tools, organizations can easily integrate and securely exchange information, reduce errors, and leverage the latest technologies, such as voice recognition and machine learning, to enhance patient care.

  • Our medical interchange tool has revolutionized the exchange of data between healthcare entities. By implementing this innovative tool, healthcare organizations can exchange data faster and more securely, reducing delays and errors.
  • The speech recognition tool has enabled healthcare professionals to dictate their notes efficiently and accurately, resulting in significant time savings and reduced chances for errors and burnout at work.
  • The machine learning tool has enabled healthcare organizations to rapidly develop and deploy machine learning models without compromising the privacy and security of patient data.


CloudsHealth’s goal was to facilitate the exchange of healthcare information and maximize the value of data within the healthcare industry. And our suite of cloud-native tools has been highly effective in achieving these goals. By leveraging the power of cloud technology, CloudsHealth enables healthcare organizations to securely and seamlessly exchange information with other healthcare providers, patients, and other stakeholders. This includes medical records, diagnostic images, lab results, and other critical data that are essential for delivering high-quality healthcare services.

Due to the increasing demand for digital tools that help healthcare organizations streamline their operations, reduce costs, and improve patient outcomes, CloudsHealth is well-positioned to continue making substantial advancements in the healthcare industry in the future.