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Boostr Revenue Management Platform for Media Companies

Zazmic developed a venture-backed enterprise software providing solutions for the media & advertising industry.



Team size:

30 technical team specialists


5 years

Core Technologies:

The story behind Boostr

Boostr is a global leader in revenue management for media companies. The platform includes Multi-Channel OMS and ad sales CRM technology to drive revenue, increase forecast accuracy and grow sales. Boostr works with media companies of all sizes around the world to help them streamline their business. This platform is the future of revenue management for media and advertising companies since it skips traditional spreadsheets and software that doesn’t cover all clients’ needs. Boostr is designed to run your entire media business covering all aspects of revenue management in one place.

The Boostr founders were looking for a reliable technical team of engineers to lead this platform to perfection, make it work seamlessly, and add some new features. Since Zazmic engineers have hands-on experience in this industry and are certified as Professional Cloud Engineers by Google, we started cooperating with Boostr.

Business Challenges

Boostr founders are entrepreneurs with real-world experience in this sphere that faced the problem and decided to create a solution that will work. Five years ago, there was no solution for media companies to manage ad sales successfully, so founders decided to build such a platform from scratch.

When the client came to Zazmic, they already had initial functionality. Concerning technical challenges for our team, Boostr needed to quickly and cost-effectively migrate from Heroku to GCP to build a Reporting & Predictive platform to provide insights to their customers.

Boostr is building several Machine Learning products for its Multi-Channel OMS and ad sales CRM platform. Their goal is to improve the forecast and the accuracy of the media company’s leads and prospects. One of Boostr’s long term goals is to leverage Google AI & ML Products offering to improve their forecasts.

Solutions Delivered

To address these challenges, the Zazmic team delivered the following solutions:
  • Led Boostr’s migration and cloud transformation to the Google Cloud Platform successfully;
  • Conducted legacy infrastructure migration to Compute and Container engine carefully;
  • For reporting needs, Zazmic determined that a Managed cloud SQL instance was an adequate solution for its growing business; 
  • By employing BigQuery Connector, Boostr will then be able to experiment with BigQuery Auto ML.
Patrick O'Leary, CEO Boostr

Boostr Migrated the legacy platform to Compute Engine, Kubernetes and Data flow. This resulted in greater, stability for our customers and cost saving for our company.


Zazmic used onshore and offshore resources to implement and deliver a complete cloud transformation, resulting in no downtime and a 20% reduction in cost. This allowed Zazmic and Boostr to successfully bring the platform to market within a couple of months. This new solution also allowed the Boostr team to be hyper agile going from monthly to weekly releases. The next step is to incorporate Auto ML into Boostr to predict deal accuracy and grade prospects.