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All you want to know about the Google Cloud Professional Certification

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Zazmic’s Google Cloud Partnership

Being a Google Premier Partner, Zazmic helps businesses take full advantage of incorporating the Google Cloud Platform into their projects in order to implement robust, dynamic, and scalable solutions.

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Why Have a Google Cloud Partner?

When you choose to partner with Zazmic, you gain access to Google Cloud solutions at no extra cost compared to buying straight from Google, while enjoying 24/7 support, exclusive advantages available only to our partners, and maintaining direct contact with Google.

Your Edge with Google + Zazmic:

Google Cloud Certified Team

Despite our broad tech expertise, the cloud is second nature to us. Zazmic includes more than 25 certified Google Cloud Engineers and Google Cloud Architects. Due to our proven Google Cloud Premier partnership, we can provide a broader range of Google Cloud services to enterprises and address more business challenges. Whether you need to streamline your development processes, migrate from one cloud platform to Google Cloud, or improve the company’s data security, we’re here to help you get the most out of Google Cloud’s capabilities.

Your Trusted Cloud Migration Partner

We are proud to announce that Zazmic now holds the prestigious Cloud Migration Partner Specialization. This accomplishment highlights our outstanding technical expertise and commitment to providing exceptional cloud migration solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

At Zazmic, we understand that cloud migration is a critical step for organizations looking to enhance their scalability, agility, and overall operational efficiency. With our specialized expertise, we empower businesses to navigate the complexities of cloud migration with ease, ensuring a smooth and successful transition.

With Zazmic as your trusted partner, you can experience the full potential of cloud technology, harnessing its scalability and innovation to accelerate your business growth.

Benefits of Google Cloud Services


Smart Decisions

With Google Cloud’s Machine Learning and Analytics capabilities, you can streamline your operations, make valuable predictions, and make intelligent decisions based on this data.


Advanced Data Security

Google Cloud’s compute services, networking, and data storage use advanced data encryption protocols to protect you and your customers from fraudulent activities.


Accelerated App Development

Google Cloud offers advanced cloud-native solutions like Kubernetes to automate app deployment, management, and scaling, hence building apps faster.


Customized Solutions

Google Cloud features industry-first solutions that help companies from various industries (retail, fintech, telco, media, healthcare, etc.) drive their digital transformation.


Optimized IT Spend

GCP saves you up to 32% if you migrate your app to the cloud compared to running it on-premise. Moreover, Google Cloud provides transparent pricing and helps you optimize IT spend.


Easy Scalability and Resilience

Google Cloud’s Compute Engine and Kubernetes let your app scale safely according to your business demands and stay resilient to withstand potential failures.

Our Google Cloud Capabilities

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Google Cloud Services From Zazmic

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Still Have Some Questions About Google Cloud Platform Services? Here You May Find the Answers.

What are Google cloud computing services?

These are a set of cloud services that are dynamically evolving and provide virtually limitless opportunities for information selection and processing, development, and support of hosting and websites. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a wide range of IaaS, PaaS, ML, and various APIs for developers and businesses. Virtual machines, hosting applications and containers, machine learning, storage, and data processing services - all this and much more is part of the platform and can be used for businesses' digital transformation and creation of digital products.

Is Google Cloud free to use?

Google Cloud offers 20+ free products and $300 in free credits for new customers. Then, you pay only for the services and resources that you use. The prices vary by usage and the product you choose.

What are Google Cloud products?

Google Cloud Platform offers more than 100 products and services for various purposes. The featured Google Cloud products are Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, Cloud SDK, Google Kubernetes Engine, Cloud SQL, BigQuery, Anthos, Cloud CDN, Dataflow, Cloud Run, ML/AI products, migration products, IoT, management tools, Data Analytics, databases, and many more.

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