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Turbocharge Your Business with Data-Powered Insights

Losing valuable information in masses of business data? Turn your data into real-time actionable insights with Google’s interactive Looker tool.

      Supports more than

      800 data sources

      Catalog surpassing

      600 connectors

      Just as Google organizes the world’s information and makes it universally accessible and useful, Looker does the same for your business data, making it easy to build insight-powered workflows and applications.

      Revolutionizing Business Intelligence

      Big or small, your business needs to rely on fresh, accurate data to make decisions that propel you forward. Looker is a powerful data visualization tool that delivers more than reports and dashboards. It is designed to put data to work so you can easily illuminate trends, spot opportunities, forecast outcomes, share conclusions, and ultimately drive results – all with a single tool, and in real time.

      Ask our expert how you can leverage Looker to stay in the lead and get a fully functional, custom prototype.

        Meet Your Dedicated Data Expert

        As a Google Premier Partner, Zazmic delivers high-level Looker support, from platform setup and customization to administration, offering you a seamless turnkey solution.

        During a two-hour session with our data expert you will:

        Session flow

        Discuss challenges you’ve faced with your current data strategy.


        Receive feedback on your existing data-driven systems.


        Frame & test a Looker prototype tailored to your specific needs.