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Recognizing and enhancing your Data Analytics capability maturity is pivotal for scaling BI and analytics ambitions for any organization.

At Zazmic, we’ve crafted a complimentary Data Analytics Capability Maturity Assessment. Our aim? Guide you in charting a definitive path forward, elevating your capabilities to superior heights.

Supports more than

800 data sources

Catalog surpassing

600 connectors

Just as Google organizes the world’s information and makes it universally accessible and useful, Looker does the same for your business data, making it easy to build insight-powered workflows and applications.

This holistic assessment delves into:

  • Organizational processes
  • Business outcomes
  • Data analytics infrastructure
  • Data governance
  • Data modeling

All to ensure the optimum utilization of data for positive business results. For the most accurate insights, we encourage a candid reflection on your current status.

Post-assessment, we not only spotlight your organization’s present position but also collaborate with you to craft a visionary roadmap for the future.

Who is this for?

This assessment, along with its insightful queries, is meticulously designed for people involved in leading and implementing data management and data strategy.