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Zazmic Finance: 10 best-in-class startups seeking investment

11 May
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Investing is a game of chance, they say. If so, we deal aces.

Zazmic Finance, a premier Silicon Valley start-up builder and grower is launching another tremendous fundraising campaign with its select investment opportunities – 10 best-in-class startups in various industries including SaaS, IoT, Marketing, Advertising, Drones, Crime Tech, Clean Tech, Ed Tech, Consumer Products and more.

We have selected our following top 10 pick of incredibly attractive startups, and predict that they’ll soon be leading in their respective markets. Welcomed by both customers and investors, each of the promising ten is eager to hit the market right away to satisfy the growing demand for their product.

As they are moving in their next investment round, we want you to meet the companies we think stand out in their space, and give you an option to participate in their success by funding them now.


Zephyr Digital: On-line Marketing & Advertising, Market $45B, Revenue $2M, Valuation $12M

Boostr: Saas CRM, Market $5B, Revenue 450% MRR growth YTD, Valuation $6M

Agua Drone: Drones & Accessories, Market $12B, Revenue $0.1M, Valuation $12M

Village Defense: SaaS Crime Tech, Market TBD, Revenue $0M, Valuation $8M

Tower Power: SaaS/IoT/Clean Tech, Market $10B, Revenue $0M ($100M pipe-line), Valuation $8M

Zeppelin: SaaS Travel Platform, Market $700B ($8B unaddressed), Revenue $0.1M, Valuation $8M

Portable Cloud: Ed Tech, Market $107B, Revenue $0M, Valuation $5.5M

Elevate: Billboard Advertising, Market $50B, Revenue $0.1M, Valuation $4M

Brushee: Consumer Products, Market $35B, Revenue $0M, Valuation $4.5M

ContextU: SaaS Ed Tech/eLearning, Market $230B, Revenue $0M, Valuation $7.5M

At Zazmic Finance we work closely with our clients and participate actively in designing and running their operations, vet them to produce the most coherent business plan, and solid financial model. Therefore, we predict with confidence that our Top 10 Startups will be a hit in 2017!

Tell us which investor deck you want to receive, and which founder you want to chat with.