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Who We Are
For the past 25 Years, our client has been the home for all things games! The love for TCG’s, CCG’s, Board Games, and more runs deep and we continue to strive and improve to give our customers the best, fastest, and easiest shopping experience possible! Being a gaming business owned and operated by gamers gives us a slight edge in this ever growing market, and assures that we fully relate to our customers as we too share the same hobbies and love the same things as the thousands upon thousands that visit our site everyday do! Product promises to provide fast and effective shipping at minimal cost and has designed our own order tracking system so we always can tell you when an order has left our facility and when it will arrive to you! Our Quality Assurance Team regularly inspects packages to ensure they are processed safely so you never have to worry about receiving damaged product. Add on to that one of the best Customer Service teams in retail and you have the formula for an A+ shopping experience!

Our Buylist
We have taken great measures to provide customers who want to sell their games with a one stop place where they can sell to us fast and easy and get the best value for their games. Clients’s Buylist is a one stop hub for gamers to sell us their old cards, Board Games, and even Video Games! We give the best prices for the items we need and provide users with an easy to use list to find the cards they want to sell and offer several payment options to ensure our customers selling experience is just as good as their experience buying from us.

Our Lifestyle
With over 25 years experience, a team of dedicated gamers, and one million+ orders, we believe that we are number one in the business and will continue to improve with each passing day to provide you with the best that gaming has to offer.

Requirement skill::

  • 4+ years working with PHP (7-8 versions)
  • Laravel 6+ experience
  • Experience with frontend (HTML, CSS, and JS)
  • LAMP stack except MS SQL is used instead of MySQL
  • Testing, codeception
  • Experience in writing native SQL queries

Your area of responsibility and growth:

  • TCG API Integration: Connect and list products on TCG Player.
  • Managing affiliate connections to: (Walmart, TCG Player, Ebay): in house platform called "Marketplaces" runs on laravel - random issues where orders get duplicated, recently Walmart had promo event where they don't charge us fees - we had to make adjustmetns accordingly, adding attributes to listings, product descriptions, boost search visibility on Walmart - he wrote the Walmart integrations, TCG integrations.
  • POP (old active x control) allows team to create/send/manage purchase orders - main tool processing team uses when getting product in, we've had issues before as active x has been dead for years. We don't have original source code so can't realy fix - a new platform was created but not launched yet - still getting feedback
  • Managing connectiongs with Zonos (international customer POS, handles taxes fees, remittance) - we've had issues in past with address validation
  • Managing shipping integrations (ship engine to fetch rates for customer check out, Ship station for printing label and fulfilling orders, USPS
  • Bug fixes
  • Generates reports for business
  • Fixing issues with NTT (internal pricing program) runs on admin side - uses data from TCG player and it'll set prices based on predefined cirteria

Why join us:

  • No rush, stress or hard deadlines
  • Well-defined and structured tasks
  • Ability to work remotely from anywhere in the world
  • Close cooperation with the development team and client
  • Compensation for work equipment
  • Professional growth: the certification preparation course is free for our specialists. The company pays for two attempts to pass the exam, regardless of the exam result
  • We cover English classes (with a native speaker)
  • Boost professional brand: you can participate in local conferences as a listener or as a speaker
  • Regular team buildings: have fun with teammates
  • Gifts for significant life events (marriage, childbirth)
  • Tech and non-tech Zazmic Communities: support and share experience with each other

Tech stack :

  • Laravel 6, Marketplace: 7.4, Website 7.1, Admin 5.1

Dear Candidate,

In an era of rapid technological advancement and the constant evolution of artificial intelligence, at Zazmiс, we believe in the importance of analyzing resumes not only through automated tools but also through interaction with a live recruiter. We value an individualized approach to each candidate and strive to make the hiring process more friendly and efficient.

Understanding the significance of your time and that of our colleagues, we offer you the opportunity to provide additional information that will help us better understand your profile and its alignment with the job description. Your initiative will assist us in making a more informed decision when considering your candidacy.

Please note that Zazmiс reserves the right not to respond to a candidate’s application if we conclude that the candidate does not meet our requirements for any reason. Please understand this as part of our commitment to an efficient and fair hiring process.
Thank you for your understanding and participation in our recruitment process.

Best regards,
The Zazmiс Team



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