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Ruby on Rails developer for JTB project



At JTB Custom, our passion is helping brands evolve into stronger, more efficient businesses by making and selling products their customers truly want, on demand.

Traditional mass production has created problems for consumer product companies for decades. Long lead times increase inventory risk. Large batch production runs reduce the ability to reach smaller consumer segments. Closeouts reduce profitability and damage brand equity. Destruction of unsellable inventory undermines environmental sustainability.

The future will be defined by lean production, not mass production. That means building to true customer demand, not building to shaky forecasts. It means a batch size of one, for an individual customer, not one hundred thousand units for many customers. It means merchandising a product line virtually, not squandering money on samples that are destined for the landfill. Most of all, it means higher customer satisfaction, stronger brand loyalty – and higher profits.

JTB Custom’s innovative technology and unique expertise are the solution to these problems. Our innovative technology and small-batch manufacturing capability enable profitable and scalable personalization, decoration, and product customization of any type of product – from running shoes to backpacks, from golf clubs to scooters.

Product customization transcends both brand and product categories. By efficiently matching supply to consumer demand and enabling brands to capture more of the demand curve, JTB Custom will help you increase profitability, customer satisfaction. All at a fraction of the cost – and in a fraction of the implementation time – of competing companies.

Required skills:

  • 3+ years of professional experience in web development
  • 2+ years experience with Ruby on Rails
  • Redis/Sidekiq
  • Amazon S3 for asset storage
  • Experience with PostgreSQL
  • Understanding of Agile/Kanban
  • Intermediate English communication skills

Will be a plus :

  • Frontend knowledge (JS, jquery)

You will work on:

  • Needs an upgrade to latest Rails/Ruby
  • Maintenance of existing application during rewrite and enhancements to core app that we are not changing drastically
  • Use of the app is growing rapidly and some parts of the system are quite mature in terms of functionality but need change to add transparency (logging, analytics, repeatability, etc) and scalability (need to divide up processes into queues and make some functionality more generic). There’s a lot to fix/improve, but speaking as someone who has worked on it for 5 years, its fun technology (particularly the visualization piece) and each day is a new challenge. We’re very interactive here and try to proactively provide solutions to problems that clients didn’t know they had since most have never done “custom” before. So there is a lot of brainstorming and creative thinking. Our past goals were to “get a client into business”. The goal now is to make the app faster and rock solid.

We Propose:

  • Ability to work remotely from anywhere in the world
  • Close cooperation with the development team and client
  • Dynamic and challenging tasks
  • Professional growth
  • We cover English classes, certification, team buildings, participation in local conferences

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