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React developer for Rakuten

As part of Rakuten – Fusion light, the advertisers can run acquisition campaigns based on the following:

  • Target audience using RR 1st party data
  • Pre-computed cashback/commission rates
  • Estimated Sales/CPA/ROAS

What are the media options available as part of Fusion light?

As part of the Fusion light base package, we include positionally biased media (Carousel – In Desktop and Media tile – App). The advertisers are also allowed to buy additional media on top of the base package. The additional media includes – Homepage takeover, Solo email, and Push notification

For fusion, targeted media topic is available for the merchants, where anyone of the tile in the media topic would be available for the merchants to target an audience

  • Each tile in the media topic is a Horizontal medium tile of size 1200 × 628 either PNG or JPG. The content in the tile can be served dynamically or embedded into the image (Sample targeted media tile is given above)


Technology stack:

  • React, Redux or Context
  • Experience with blueprints2
  • Experience with tailwindcss
  • Docker, formik

Will be a plus:

  • Experience with Oracle
  • Understanding CI / CD


  • back-end - 6 dev
  • front end - 3 dev
  • PM
  • QA
  • DevOps - 2 dev

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