Total Adventure


Travelling changes us. This is the main purpose of it.
In order not to spoil the initial impression of the preparations for the trip,
we tried to make planning easy and enjoyable.

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Total Adventure is a service that forms a bond between a tourist and a destination. The client is an intrepid traveler who already has some experience but desires more. Total Adventure provides cultural expeditions and connects extreme sports with traveling.

First Impression

Оn the front page the user is asked the most important question: “Where to go?” This is what a traveler asks himself. And probably knows the answer already. Below the Search the user is offered new adventures and impressions. We hope it will help visitors learn more about the company’s services. The new logo looks awesome. Despite the fact that the company had been created a long time ago, we attempted to breathe new life into the design.

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Content management

We also designed a clear dashboard for website administrators, where statistics about total visits, top travelers, providers and packages can be found. The manager can see the earnings statistics and learn earnings history. He can use filters to sort data by trip, provider, traveler, date and commission. There is a dashboard for managing activities and trip descriptions.

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If the traveler doesn’t know where to go, there is a blog full of travel stories to dive in. There is also a search by topic, country and dates.

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To turn a user into a customer the fast and convenient registration is used. It also helps keep travelers posted on the latest news and current offers. The website allows users to log in with a social media account.


A registered user creates an account that will save data about transaction history and packages. To prevent users from overlooking the upcoming journeys, they are sorted by date in ‘My Trips’. A dashboard was created for users to add pictures and text to journeys and learn statistics. This feature allows users to control payments, and view payment history.

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Browse trips

This is an awesome feature for a real adventurer. There is a map that the user can click to chose a place to visit. By choosing a tour this way, a tourist can see the cost per person, description, start date and the number of places available on this trip. If the tourist is not ready to book the trip, they can add it to the wish list and come back later. There is a possibility to book online or find several more tours with the help of filtering trip details.

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Become a provider

Total Adventure is open to collaboration. For this purpose, an easy registration

has been designed for potential partners.