Designing an advanced social network for
proactive professionals and start-up founders.

What is Numa ?


Numa is a virtual space for successful teamwork. This service allows users to perform the following actions:

  • start a new project
  • find a perfect mentor
  • plan a staff meeting
  • create a timetable
  • send a report
  • communicate with all team members
  • find an employee or a job.

Tasks and strategy

Nowadays people communicate with each other all over the world. There have been lots of social
networks created for different purposes. Numa aspires to create a space for distance
teamwork. We helped bring to life a project which helps people work together regardless of
distance and borders. It is a unique tool for better business synergy.


Meetings are one of the most important parts of successful teamwork. Our aim was to build on an opportunity for every user to create a staff meeting.

This handy feature with user-friendly interface allows co-workers to organize a get-together in a few clicks. From the beginning, we decided to use bright and light color scheme and leave a bit of breathing space. We hope it makes workflow much easier. No superfluous details, only the necessary features.


An intuitive and user-friendly interface has been created purposely for quick
communication and staff announcements. It also allows users to create tasks and
leave comments.

staff announcement


Every user can search and choose a person from the list in a catalog. The search is very easy to use. Cards provіde brief and pertinent data about each employee. For greater efficiency, Twitter and LinkedIn links have been added.

numa directory






Online Courses


A smart bonus for a regular user is that there are free online courses provided. Numa cares not only about successful completion of tasks, but also about professional and personal development of a team.