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Streamlining Machinery Inspections: A Success Story with Zazmic's Mobile App




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Zazmic is a leading IT, development, and cloud technology company that specializes in delivering innovative solutions to various industries. One of our recent projects involved developing an Inspection mobile app for Machinery Partners and their clients – factories that produce industrial machines.

The goal was to revolutionize the machinery delivery process by replacing cumbersome paper-based verifications with a streamlined mobile app. The app aimed to enable inspectors to conduct their tasks efficiently and provide faster results, ultimately enhancing the machinery delivery process.


The primary objective of the Inspection mobile app was to enhance the machinery delivery process for clients and factories alike.

Here are the key objectives our development team aimed to achieve:

  • Eliminate manual paperwork
    The main goal was to replace the traditional manual verification process with a digital solution that would simplify and accelerate inspections for machinery producers.
  • Speed up the machinery delivery process
    By introducing the Inspection mobile app, Zazmic aimed to optimize the time required for inspections, making the delivery process faster and more efficient.
  • Enhance client engagement
    The app was intended to serve as an additional service for Machinery Partners, enhancing the company’s value proposition and improving client engagement.

Solutions Delivered

Zazmic adopted an innovative approach to tackle the project, utilizing Generative AI, React Native, and Expo to develop the Inspection mobile app.

Our development team employed Generative AI to generate the project skeleton and main app components, significantly reducing the time and effort required to build the app. Additionally, Generative AI was utilized to generate unit tests, ensuring robust and reliable code.

The team provided the following solutions:

Mobile Application

Developed using React Native and Expo, the app was designed to run smoothly on both iOS and Android devices.

Streamlined Inspections

The app allowed inspectors to conduct verifications of main machine components using their mobile devices, eliminating the need for time-consuming paperwork.

Backend Integration

The app integrated seamlessly with the backend systems using REST APIs, ensuring efficient data exchange and synchronization.


Zazmic implemented secure authentication using Supabase Auth, offering multiple options such as email, phone, and guest mode for user convenience.

Admin Panel

The app included an admin panel with material components, empowering administrators to manage and monitor the inspection process effectively.


The impact of Zazmic’s Inspection mobile app was transformative for the client. By leveraging Generative AI and delivering a working prototype quickly, Zazmic helped their client secure a contract with a prominent machinery-producing factory. The client’s initial idea of offering the app as an additional service evolved into a full-fledged deal with the factory ordering the app.

By harnessing the power of Generative AI, React Native, and Expo, Zazmic delivered an efficient, user-friendly, and reliable mobile app that significantly streamlined the machinery delivery process for both the client and factory partners. The successful implementation of the MVP phase and the upcoming production launch demonstrate Zazmic’s commitment to excellence and continuous improvement in delivering cutting-edge solutions to their clients.

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