Make Your Mark, Share Your Spots

BlySpot is an app that helps you save & share places – local spots or places you’ve visited – with friends. Capture the tips, recos, & locations that make a place special, so others can enjoy too! In sharing your fave spots, become an influencer.

What is BlySpot?

BlySpot is a convenient way and a perfect place to preserve the memories of the incredible things that you’ve experienced throughout travels for yourself and share your discoveries with friends. It helps users capture and share their travel tips and recommendations in shareable mobile maps, inspiring people to explore and publish their experiences, recommendations, and tips, so others can be inspired, build on their friend’s recommendations, and have a better experience


BlySpot makes it easy to explore, save & share places you love

  • Capture a Spot: upload photos & videos important for you to remember & for friends to see and know.
  • Add important info: notes, tips, recos, what you liked & what you didn’t; get friends add their own reviews, questions & comments.
  • Create BlyMaps: save your Spots & friends’ Spots to your BlyMap (a collection of Spots on a map)
  • Explore your Feed: check out your friends’ saved Spots & cool places BlySpot recommends; search by location, #hashtag, or BlySpot user


Zazmic’s approach to implementing BlySpot


We built BlySpot using GraphQL, a powerful data query language, and RxSwift, a modern tool for iOS development of easily manageable and readable apps

Facebook SDK

We installed Facebook SDK on the app to integrate BlySpot with Facebook and let users log in, share and interact through the platform.

Push notifications

For the app users’ convenience, we enabled incoming messages that notify them every time their post is liked, shared or commented on.

Google Maps

We got BlySpot integrated with Google Maps, Google Places and Google Directions to enable displaying maps, searching places and drawing routes without leaving the app.

Enjoy the interaction

Download BlySpot, the next-generation influencers’ power platform, and check out the perfectly convenient way to make exploring, sharing or interacting fast & easy. Available on the App Store for iOS devices.