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Boostr is a venture backed enterprise software company building solutions for the media & advertising industry. Frustrated by generic, horizontal CRM products, the founders decided to build the platform they wish they had as operators at Yahoo. We started with a CRM platform that’s disrupting how media sales teams are managed resulting in time savings, increased forecast accuracy and revenue growth. Then we introduced an Order Management (OMS) product disrupting the market with the first omni-channel solution. Now we’re the only platform with a single CRM+OMS to manage the entire workflow. The best part, we’re just getting started and have an exciting roadmap of new products and features that will change the advertising world.

Key Stats:

We’re inventing what the future looks like enabling our customers to realize their GTM strategies

5 years young

60+ employees – 30 on the technical team

$13m + in funding, inclusive of a $7M Series A in July 2020, from Vocap Investment Partners, Bertelsmann Digital Media, Lightspeed, WGI, C2Ventures, Math Capital and the “who’s who” of media insiders

We work with industry leaders – Buzzfeed, Outfront, Electronic Arts, Vevo, Complex, Match Media, Axios

Growing over 100% YoY

For the technical:

This is not your ordinary application. You will be working with Silicon Valley insiders that have built database internals (Postgres), and enterprise scale systems such as Salesforce and Siebel systems. You will be building the next generation of enterprise-level infrastructure. You will be implementing and testing more than just another website. You will be learning techniques that allow infrastructure to scale to 1000’s of B2B customers and 100,000s of users. The infrastructure will allow those customers to define their own custom fields, define their own algorithms, organize their UI’s, etc.. Much like most other SaaS solutions Boostr will scale to a level that is not typically seen in a web app.

You will be working on:

Configurable UI — allowing the customers to define their own UI

Self-describing APIs — these allow for the Configurable UI to understand what the UI is capable of.

Dynamic queries

Going beyond a ORM (Object relationship model)

Scale of the infrastructure to N-level.


30 Software Engineers

18 – Ruby on Rails

8 – Angular

5 – Quality Assurance

3 – Automated QA

1 – DevOps

2 – Project Managers

Technology stack:

Ruby on Rails 4/5, PostgreSQL, Angular.Js, Angular 8

Required skills:

  • 2+ years of experience as an AQA
  • Selenide/WebDriver (+Java +Selenoid) knowledge/experience (review, create new tests for UI and API)
  • Good practical experience in API automation testing with Java
  • Experience in using tools for testing REST API: Postman, RAML, Swagger
  • Good understanding of general testing practices
  • English: Upper-intermediate or higher


  • Close cooperation with the development team
  • Dynamic and challenging tasks
  • Flexible working hours, remote work opportunity
  • Professional growth


  • Design, write and support automated tests, both for UI and API layers
  • Execute test cases and update test documentation
  • Analyzing the product and existing test coverage

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    Famecast Media is an intelligent audience monetization platform and network that we call FAME (Fan Amplification Monetization Ecosystem). FAME solves an increasingly large workflow fragmentation problem for Creators, Media Companies, Brands, Charities and Political Campaigns. Today, reaching, engaging, managing, amplifying and monetizing audiences requires an increasing number of complex tools and skills across social media analysis & marketing, content creation, viral content distribution & syndication, data management, advertising and e-commerce.

    Team Size 20+ people:

    Technology stack WordPress, Nodejs , React, React Native, Android, IOS

    Required skills:

    • 2+ years performing DevOps role
    • Knowledge of deploying and running applications in K8S, Helm
    • Ongoing architecture improvements in growing startup
    • Experience in scaling, performance optimization and troubleshooting
    • Experience with GCP
    • Experience with GitLab CI/CD
    • Git and it’s usage to support SDLC (releases management, new versions deploy and rollback when needed)
    • Databases maintenance, troubleshooting and support
    • Previous experience supporting prod environment
    • Support full cycle of the development process
    • Strong intermediate/Advanced English: written, spoken
    • Experience with Linux Bash script

    Nice to have :

    • Experience with integrating Cloud infrastructure with on-premise
    • Experience with Node.js and React applications deployment
    • Experience with WordPress deployment
    • Experience with Google Firebase automation

    Propose :

    • Work in a friendly and highly efficient team of professionals, interesting projects
    • Dynamic and challenging tasks
    • The ability to work remotely
    • Flexible working hours
    • Possibility of professional growth
    • Possibility of free certifications as a Professional Data Engineer/Professional Cloud Architect with an incentive bonus for successfully passing the Google Cloud Professional Exam
    • Get a chance to work with the latest GCP services and technologies.
    • Opportunity to join the Zazmic community of 200+ developers worldwide;

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      Sounding Board helps growing companies develop their leaders through tech-enabled leadership coaching.

      By combining the best-qualified coaches and software tools, we are giving companies the opportunity to provide personalized 1:1 development to any leader, regardless of their title. This win-win strategy means companies get immediate business impact and employees get developed and invested in.

      By providing companies with access to great leadership coaches and giving them software to manage the coaching engagement, we hope to give people the structure they need without having to do all the work.

      Technology stack 


      technologies: javascript, node.js 10+/express, ecmaScript 6+, mocha 4+, git

      dbs: mongoDB 4+, firebase, redis

      services: slack (bot, api), rabbitMQ, sendGrid

      additional: GCP, bigQuery, kubernetes,, postgreSQL


      React 16+, Redux,

      Team size:

      10+ Software Engineers

      3 – Node.js developers

      3 – React develpers

      1 – QA

      1 – DevOps

      1 – Project Manager

      Required skills:

      • 2+ years of full-time work experience as a front-end (React) software engineer;
      • Experience with react hooks;
      • Complex software systems development with production quality deployment, monitoring, and reliability;
      • Ability to decompose complex business problems and collaborate in solving them;
      • Comfort with ambiguity and rapidly changing requirements;
      • Growth mindset. Balance of hard and soft skills;
      • Will be a plus: experience with enterprise platforms, marketplaces, Learning & Development, or startup development;
      • The ability to apply ​systems thinking​ in software development for scalable design.

      We Propose:

      • Be yourself, feel valued, supported, learn and grow to build your future self;
      • Create and operate in a lean software development lifecycle; code, test, release, improve;
      • Rare opportunity to be a part of core engineering team members to lay the engineering foundation.


      • Responsive Web & Mobile Apps​: build with React.Js, Node.Js, MongoDB, all on Google Cloud Platform;
      • Deliver today, design for future​: own the efficiency of each line of code to tell the story of the future;
      • End-to-end ownership​: ​Have an influence on everything from design to finished product;
      • Focus on process, learning & iteration​: collaborate with product managers, designers, and customers;
      • Ship great software quickly​: ​you will build user-facing products​ and see the impact immediately.

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        As part of Rakuten – Fusion light, the advertisers can run acquisition campaigns based on the following:

        • Target audience using RR 1st party data
        • Pre-computed cash back/commission rates
        • Estimated Sales/CPA/ROAS

        What are the media options available as part of Fusion light?

        As part of the Fusion light base package, we include positionally biased media (Carousel – In Desktop and Media tile – App). The advertisers are also allowed to buy additional media on top of the base package. The additional media includes – Homepage takeover, Solo email, and Push notification

        For fusion, targeted media topic is available for the merchants, where anyone of the tile in the media topic would be available for the merchants to target an audience

        • Each tile in the media topic is a Horizontal medium tile of size 1200 × 628 either PNG or JPG. The content in the tile can be served dynamically or embedded into the image (Sample targeted media tile is given above)

        Technology stack:

        • Golang
        • Kafka
        • Postgres
        • Docker

        Will be a plus:

        • Experience with Oracle
        • Understanding CI / CD


        • back-end - 6 dev
        • front end - 3 dev
        • PM
        • QA
        • DevOps - 2 dev

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