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All you want to know about the Google Cloud Professional Certification

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Elastic Engineering

Zazmic builds powerful and customized enterprise software at start-up speed. Founded in Silicon Valley and equipped with 250+ world class engineers, Zazmic enables you to leverage elastic engineering on demand to develop projects as fast as you can envision them, while drastically cutting costs. Our agile teams, made up of product managers, designers, and developers, use their deep industry expertise to enable your team to innovate at scale. We're an army of engineers and product experts, at your disposal!


The world's leading companies & brands develop with Zazmic Inc. because we provide scalable, top-notch engineering talent to you, with expertise in Node, Angular, React, Java, Python, Go, and more. We handle delivery so you can focus on your core business.

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We've helped everyone from first time founders to multinational corporations stay lean and build with agility. Our teams have experience building for iOS, Android, and Mobile Web. Check out our Apple TV app and other apps on the App Store and Google Play.

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Big data and advanced analytics deliver substantial benefits to businesses in just about every industry and geographic location. We can drive the outcomes you're looking for through Google analytics, BigQuery, Spark, Beam, Hadoop, Data Pipelines, Tableau, and more. Zazmic helps you leverage your data!

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Put AI to work for your business. Just ask us how our Data Scientists and Data engineers can help you.

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Cloud Infrastructure

The cloud is second nature to us, whether that means moving to the cloud or taking advantage of newly available, advanced cloud infrastructure. Zazmic has been named a Premier Partner by Google and Amazon for our knowledge of the cloud. We are your team.

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IoT is everywhere: From home, to work, to your gym. We have experience utilizing AWS and Google Data services to help you extract value from IoT data and put your business one step ahead.

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Zazmic has worked with countless companies to deploy Kubernetes on every possible platform – Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, Azure, and on-premises deployments. You name it, we've done it.

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Need world-class design from award-winning designers? Zazmic designers are experts when it comes to brand design, graphic design, UX, and iconography.

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