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This is inexorable truth: no matter how great your product or service is, without effective online marketing it is very likely to go unnoticed. In the digital age, it is imperative to take advantage of the biggest advertising medium – the Internet!

Zazmic Digital provides a range of digital marketing services to help advertise your business online. Connecting people with the services and products they need is Zazmic’s specialty. With the best digital marketing practices at hand, our team can help scale marketing resources, boost media presence, increase sales and generate quality leads for all kinds of organizations from early stage startups to established companies. Outsourced digital marketing is a smart investment for those relying on high quality talent to grow their business. Zazmic’s goal is to build brands and put them on the map, choosing the most powerful solutions and platforms to reach your audience.

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Understanding your business and its goals is the most important part of any web design process. We know how impactful the visual appeal of your product is and make sure it’s intuitive, user-friendly and able to target the users on a deeper level. Landing page design, logo design and custom graphics are made with the aim to attract and engage visitors. We offer prototyping for web and mobile products. Apart from that, we provide a wide range of services such as print design, web banner & ad creation, email newsletter campaigns and infographics.

Social Media Marketing

There are various social media platforms available that can help achieve marketing communication and branding goals of your business. Before creating an SMM campaign, we consider your business goals, expectations and target customer demographics. When outlining your brand strategy, we ensure your brand image is consistent with the platform’s environment, create a variety of text-based and visual content, videos and blogs based on social trends.

Email Marketing

The purpose of email marketing is to build a relationship between you and your customer, leaving the “cold” practices behind. With the help of a variety of lead generation tools, we make sure our segmentation is precise and relevant to your marketing needs. We use CRM to manage recipients, schedule and automate campaigns, as well as provide an individual design of effective custom-made newsletter and email templates, call-to-action buttons, subject line & content variations that really speak to your customer. We do A/B testing, and our solutions prove to be successful with an email open rate ranging from 50 -70%.


Pay Per Click (PPC) paid advertising is a great opportunity for businesses to increase revenue by driving high converting traffic to a website from search engines and social platforms. As certified Analytics and Google Adwords specialists, we help implement PPC marketing programs from end to end: industry and business type research, PPC audit, account setup, keyword research, ad writing, retargeting and remarketing campaigns setup, and more.

Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is as simple as this: after you build a product, you need to launch it so that you acquire as many users as possible while spending as little as possible. We know how to get the best out of a particular product’s potential to grow and expand. With a strong understanding of online consumer behavior and online infrastructure, we’ve developed successful approaches to growth hacking marketing and product distribution.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the pillars of effective online marketing. SEO is free and organic, but it impacts everything: whether or not you will rise above your competition in search engine rankings, be found by your customers, boost website traffic, and eventually increase revenue. Quality sites get more first page positions in search queries, and our certified specialists can help you optimize your website, taking care of everything from an SEO audit, competitive analysis and keywords research to link building, onsite content and UX.