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Cloud Consulting Services

With cloud consulting services, businesses make intelligent decisions when opting for custom cloud development or migrating from on-premise to the cloud. Therefore, cloud consulting prevents companies from reimplementation and unnecessary expenditures.

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Benefits of Our Cloud Consulting Services


Clear Migration Strategy

Don’t know how to start your cloud journey? That’s where a comprehensive cloud strategy comes into play. We design this strategy to avoid risks, prioritize requirements, distribute resources, and define the project timeline.


Lower Migration Cost

With the predefined cloud migration strategy for your particular app and data warehouse, we design the most suitable migration solution that reduces the risks of re-development and therefore cuts down migration spendings.


Optimized Costs and Performance

Our cloud consulting services aim to choose the cloud provider that best suits your project requirements, create optimal resource orchestration patterns (for example, an autoscaling function to manage high peak loads), and set up a performance testing policy.


Guaranteed Outcomes

Our consulting services are based on years of experience in cloud development, deep business analysis, and the sophisticated expertise of our consultants. So, we can guarantee that the strategy will meet your business request and deliver proper outcomes.

Cloud Consulting Services from Zazmic

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Why Choose Zazmic Cloud Consulting

We are a trusted Google Cloud Platform Partner.

Our cloud engineers and architects have Google Cloud Professional Certification.

Zazmic has hands-on experience with major cloud providers such as Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Service, and Microsoft Azure.

We provide global service delivery with our USA, Ukraine, Brazil, and India delivery centers.

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