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Microsoft Azure: Cloud Computing Services

Microsoft Azure’s open cloud platform offers a set of PaaS and IaaS services, including advanced analytics solutions, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities, DevOps, IoT, and best-in-class cybersecurity tools, all of which seamlessly integrate with your on-premise infrastructures.

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Microsoft Azure Cloud Management Benefits


On-demand Scalability

Whether your business needs growth or downsizing opportunities, with Microsoft Azure cloud capabilities, organizations can regulate their computing power and storage as required. Azure allows you to adjust your cloud capacities while eliminating any disruptions.


Adaptive Compliance

Complying with all evolving industry regulations is complicated. Azure cloud services provide more than 35 advanced compliance tools that help companies meet global regulatory guidelines such as GDPR, ISO/IEC 27001, HIPAA, PCI DSS, NIST, and others.


Cost-effective Pricing

Due to the consumption-based subscription model offered by Microsoft Azure, both small businesses and large enterprises can leverage the required cloud services, pay for the actual resources consumed, and optimize their IT budgets.


Top-notch Cybersecurity

When storing your data in Azure, you can be sure of your data protection. Due to Microsoft data center’s strong encryption, two-tier authentication, and proxy card access readers, businesses can ensure the privacy and security of customer’s sensitive data.

Our Azure Cloud Management Expertise & Services

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Azure Cloud Management Process & Deliverables

Requirements Elicitation & Proposal

At the very beginning of your Azure cloud journey, we collect your requirements, analyze them through a prism of technical capabilities, and come up with the final proposal for you.

Assessment & Onboarding

At this stage, we assess the current state of your infrastructure, make a cloud migration strategy according to your business needs, and onboard every stakeholder into the process.


Here, we implement smooth and safe migration to the cloud and integrate the required tools into your system.

Support & Management

And finally, we provide technical support and management after the migration.

Still Have Some Questions About Azure Cloud Services? Here Are the Answers.

What are Microsoft Azure services?

Microsoft Azure is a giant platform served by over 160 data centers. The platform represents various types of cloud services: IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. Different companies use Azure for entirely different purposes. Some companies, implementing a strategy for the development of internal business processes, choose to place their infrastructure according to the IaaS model. Other companies are focused on building software and various applications and are using Azure in a SaaS model.

Which organizations use Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure has gained its reputation as one of the best cloud providers in healthcare, travel, consumer appliances, manufacturing, aviation, etc. Azure provides its cloud platform services to industry leaders such as Samsung, eBay, Boeing, BWM, GE Healthcare, Coca-Cola, Uber, and many more.

What type of cloud service is Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a public cloud provider offering three primary cloud computing services: SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.

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