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Google Cloud Anthos Services

Powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics, Google Cloud Anthos services can help you gain insights, make better decisions, and innovate faster. Start building anywhere on-premise or utilize public clouds such as Google Cloud, AWS, or Azure.

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Benefits You Get from Google Cloud Anthos


Faster Delivery

Google Cloud Anthos uses managed Kubernetes, which helps create enterprise-grade applications faster in on-premise or cloud environments. Make your software delivery pipeline fast and scalable with the help of cloud-native guidance.


Streamlined Efficiency

By using Anthos, you can save up to 55% of the time spent on platform management. In addition, it helps developers streamline operational efficiency by giving a single platform to manage and update their applications.


Greater Awareness and Control

From a service-oriented perspective on your infrastructure, Anthos reduces time spent on managing applications and helps gain greater awareness, consistency, and control. Define and manage your configurations centrally and leave the rest of the work to the system.


Advanced Modernization

With Google Anthos, you can modernize your apps locally or in the cloud. Increase the agility of your business, get your products to market faster, and maximize resource utilization with Google-managed Kubernetes services.

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Your Google Cloud Anthos Journey

Anthos Pilot

The first step in your Anthos roadmap. Zazmic will provide a proof of concept for Anthos’s feasibility and provide a clear framework for potential adoption.

Anthos Training

Get your team up to speed with Anthos. These custom sessions aim to empower teams with hybrid cloud architecture and management best practices.

Engineering Support

Zazmic software engineers and cloud experts are certified in Google Cloud technologies. We are here to help you with on-shore, near-shore, and off-shore support.

Still Have Some Questions About Google Anthos Services? Here Are the Answers.

What is Google Anthos?

Google Cloud Anthos is a managed application development platform that allows you to use Google Cloud services and practices in a convenient environment, so you can update applications faster and keep them running smoothly. With the Kubernetes-powered Anthos platform, you can accelerate the development of enterprise containerized applications on Google Cloud, on-premise, or in the cloud. One way to improve application performance is to move computing closer to where the data is stored. If you are already working with Google Cloud, then it’s better to use Anthos to develop, deploy and optimize container tasks directly on this platform.

How much does Google Anthos cost?

Google Anthos offers two pricing models: the pay-as-you-go model and subscription pricing. The first one is based on the Anthos-managed clusters you use. The subscription pricing model is billed monthly and covers all Anthos deployments. The rates differ depending on whether you choose a public cloud or on-premise solution.

What is Google Anthos used for?

Anthos allows you to develop and manage modern hybrid applications using different environments. Powered by Kubernetes and other cutting-edge open source technologies from Google, Anthos transforms your architectural approach, allowing you to focus on innovation and move faster than ever before without compromising security or increasing complexity. In addition, it can become a strategic tool for your business by modernizing your new and existing applications using containers, microservices architecture, and a Google-provided and managed service network between your data centers and the cloud.

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