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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Services

Structure your data, increase operational efficiency, enhance decision-making, and personalize the customer experience with advanced AI and ML cloud services.

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Benefits of Artificial Intelligence


Agile Development

The integration of artificial intelligence and cloud computing promotes the agile development of solutions, ensuring the efficiency of processes and minimizing error rates. Both are critical factors for fast and assertive deliveries, which is what companies and customers want.


Advanced Analytics and Predictions

AI helps to remove the burden of human effort to achieve such tasks. For example, AI tools can read and analyze massive amounts of textual content coming from one or more sources and better determine patterns and likely outcomes based on the analysis of that data. 


Processes Automation

When a company connects data in the Cloud, it can quickly identify trends and patterns across multiple data sets. As a result, cloud artificial intelligence elevates data analysis to a new level. AI learns from historical data in a cloud environment, identifies current standards, and makes recommendations. During data analysis, this automated process eliminates human errors.


Data Leveraging

AI enables extensive data management, and cloud computing maximizes information security. This makes it possible to deal with massive amounts of data in a programmed manner to analyze them properly, allowing the business to leverage information that has been “mined” and filtered to meet each need.

AI and ML Service from Zazmic

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Why Choose Zazmic Cloud AI and ML Services

We are a trusted Google Cloud Platform partner.

Our cloud engineers and architects have Google Cloud Professional Certification.

Zazmic has hands-on experience with major cloud providers such as Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Service, and Microsoft Azure.

We provide global service delivery with our USA, Ukraine, Brazil, and India delivery centers.


What is artificial intelligence?

On one hand, artificial intelligence (AI) is a science and technology that includes tools that allow a computer to answer questions and draw expert conclusions based on accumulated knowledge. On the other hand, AI is a set of technological solutions that simulates human cognitive functions (including self-learning and finding solutions without a predetermined algorithm).

What is machine learning?

Machine learning is the science of making AI learn and act like a human and continually improve its learning and abilities based on the data we provide about the real world. With the help of machine learning, AI can analyze data, remember information, make predictions, reproduce ready-made models, and choose the most suitable option from the proposed ones. Such systems are especially useful where it’s necessary to perform huge amounts of calculations: for example, bank scoring (calculating a credit rating), analytics in the field of marketing and statistical research, business planning, demographic research, and investments.

What are the four types of AI?

AI consists of 4 major types: reactive machines, limited memory, self-aware, and theory of mind.

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