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21 February

How WordPress Website Redesign Helped an Accounting Firm Attract More Customers

People usually see an accounting firm as a trusted, long-term partner, skilled in managing financial documentation and organization. Trust is an essential bond between a client and an accounting service provider.    Although accounting firms often let the importance of a reliable, easy-to-use website slide, poor design, unreliable code-based back-bone,…

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16 January

Zazmic’s Success Story: Using Google Cloud Tools for Healthcare Industry IDGITAL’s DAP

The Digital Assistance Platform (DAP) released by IDGITAL this year offers a zero footprint, end-to-end radiology solution. This platform was designed by practicing radiologists and radiology professionals with proven market leadership. IDGITAL is the only full-stack diagnostic radiology Machine Learning (ML) platform in the world. Working alongside Zazmic and using…

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15 June

Meet Z-Stream, an All-in-one Workflow & Product Development Tool!

The Agility Mindset Agile teams are designed to be highly functional, with all of the tools necessary to produce a highly functional version of the future product without needing to go outside their team. They have a strong set of technical tools, high-level organization, and everything else they need to…

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11 October

Xtrem3 Motocross by Zazmic: an ultimate motorcycle racing adventure right on your smartphone!

Preceded by a mind-blowing Kitchen Escape game, Xtrem3 Motocross by Zazmic Gaming is the next to hit big!  Extreme. Intense. Exhilarating. Who hasn’t dreamed of an ultimate motorcycle racing adventure? From now on, your roaring iron horse and gear are at hand whenever you want it, right on your smartphone.  (more…)

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29 August

Kitchen Escape by Zazmic Gaming is back with NEW MIND-BLOWING LEVELS!

Your favorite veggie zombie game available on the App Store and Google Play. (New to the game? Watch here) What is Kitchen Escape? An unequal fight against cockroach terror. It takes one brave Carroty and You to survive in the veggie world. Game levels are divided into sprints of 3…

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26 June

Download a new, feature-packed version of Kitchen Escape by Zazmic Gaming for iOS & Android!

We recently announced the release of our first game using Buildbox platform. Check out our updates available on the App Store and Google Play. New features added for the fight against cockroach terror:  (Watch here!) Number of worlds increased to 18 with levels divided into sprints of 3 levels each. Save one vegetable within each sprint. Advance through…

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28 March

Zazmic Gaming Presents: “Kitchen Escape” on the App Store and Google Play

Zazmic dives into game design using two new game platforms: Buildbox and Unity. We’re getting creative and having fun with them. Available today, Kitchen Escape flings you in to help battle a zombie like roach apocalypse in a vegetable world. About Kitchen Escape: A brief video lead-in shows infectious cockroaches…

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07 February

Clients Say We Deliver On

We’re excited to announce that we are now featured on Clutch, a ratings and reviews site for B2B services. The firm reviews and researches several hundred companies in both web and mobile development. To be listed on in Clutch’s research, we were examined based on a methodology that includes over…

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15 November

Alla Petrosyan, Director of Business Development

We are pleased to announce that Alla has joined our San Francisco team and will focus on growing our technical projects! At Zazmic, we are a team of highly experienced, full stack engineers, designers and project managers.  We partner to provide technical solutions to all types of companies allowing our…

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16 June


Great news: Zazmic has reached a new level of partnership with Meteor. As a recognized service provider, Zazmic participates in a new program called Meteor Prime. We can now access advanced technical support for complex client projects as well as implement best web designing frameworks. This partnership enables our team…

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