Zazmic Technology was born in the world’s cradle of technology innovation Silicon Valley, to become its leading technology service provider. With the increased demand for high-quality software development, we’ve expanded globally to employ top-notch engineers for our startup clients worldwide and provide unparalleled software development services, quality assurance and project management support.

As an agile engineering team, we apply programming best practices to deliver stable, scalable and maintainable applications for Ecommerce, Retail, Fintech, Adtech, Healthtech, Media, Travel, Dating and other industries.

Our clients vary from prominent tech startups that opt for outsourced development, to established companies and global giants, looking to partner an on-demand team with a particular technical expertise.

Blockchain / Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency (digital currency) is an incredible innovation in the recent past and it’s here to stay. It is the next big thing in finance, security, healthcare, governmental markets, thus opening vast new opportunities for businesses. Many market leaders and startups realize the great potential of the crypto technology and want to exploit blockchain-powered solutions for their business. This creates a big demand for bitcoin / blockchain experts, which often cannot be satisfied locally. Despite the fact the technology is relatively new, Zazmic is fortunate to have the best block chain developers with extensive background in various programming languages on board. We …

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Zazmic keeps up with world’s most advanced smart technologies. Internet of things (IoT) is an innovative solution that makes the idea of a smart home and smart city a reality. Our team can help clients make the most of the business opportunities IoT projects lay before them.  From data analytics to IoT devices, we offer a full cycle development, whether software, firmware or hardware. Given the growing market potential of 3D printing technology in various industries, we tend to look at the IoT and 3D modelling together, as combining the two will make production more efficient than ever before.

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Artificial intelligence (AI), beyond doubt, is to become the next great source for investment opportunities. Considering the money-making potential of the AI for business, our engineers offer development of intelligent applications that can interact with people and devices to intelligently automate business processes and reduce costs and effort. Integrating machine learning, deep learning and AI  algorithms into your web applications or website can also boost software deployment speed.

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Cloud Infrastructure

Nowadays cloud computing promises significant benefits for businesses and end users, as you can access could databases and move, build or run applications in the cloud to improve their performance. At Zazmic we have undertaken projects that allowed us to leverage the most advanced cloud platforms, like AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure, which support many different programming languages, tools and frameworks. Our technical architects know how to build complex products on the latest cloud platform. Being an AWS Consulting Partner is one way that Zazmic helps companies of all sizes successfully design, build and deploy their applications.

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Big Data

Finding the most efficient ways of doing business is at the core of our practice. We excel in big data analytics, which helps businesses use data analysis to identify new opportunities. Zazmic’s data engineers know how companies can make best use of the technology. Business analytics is an essential, fast and highly efficient tool to make sure your business stays competitive. We utilize the best big data tools and technologies that let our clients achieve cost reduction, customer satisfaction, understanding of the market and better decision making.

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Fascinated by the idea of the smart environment, Zazmic has recently expanded its range of services to hardware design and manufacturing in order to offer a full cycle of IoT products development. Hardware development refers to various consumer electronics,  including wearables, smart watches, smart home devices, security devices, etc. Electronics engineering at Zazmic covers all stages from prototyping to programming. Our hardware is designed and tested so that the product we deliver is always up to date with the latest technological advancements.

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Mobile Applications

As companies contemplate which mobile platform is best to develop their products, Zazmic’s mobile app developers are skilled in iOS,  Android and cross platform development. We create apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV as well as for Android-powered smartphones, tablets, smart TV  and other mobile devices. The advantages of either platform can be assessed from different perspectives such as revenue models, demographics, development timeframes and costs, release cycles, user acquisition, etc. Check out our Apple TV app and other apps on the App store and Google Play.

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Web Development

Zazmic’s team of engineers are full stack developers.  We do front end and back end development on a number of platforms: Node.js, Angular.js, Ember.js, Backbone.js, Meteor, Java, Ruby, Python. We’ve built software for a diverse set of clients, from consumer applications to large-scale platform.  As a recognized Meteor Prime Partner, Zazmic can access advanced technical support for complex client projects as well as implement best web application development and design solutions.

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