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18 October

Motivating Employees in 5 Easy Steps

Employee motivation is critical to their overall productivity and ability to get things done on the job. Unfortunately, keeping employees motivated is an ongoing challenge for many businesses. How do you keep your employees motivated, both when they're there in the office with you and when you're dealing with remote…

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09 October

6 Essential Tips for Managing Remote Teams

Remote team management is one of the hottest trends for companies in a wide range of industries. Employees appreciate the flexibility that allows them to work from anywhere, at times that are convenient for them, while employers love the ability to bring together diverse teams from wide geographic areas that…

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16 August

The Benefits of Z-Stream for Small & Big Companies

Z-Stream is a great program, but how do you know it’s appropriate for your business? In fact, some of the most common questions we hear are "Is Z-Stream suitable for my small business?", "Would Z-Stream be right for my big team?", “I’m self-employed, how can I benefit from the app?”…

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05 June

Breaking the Non-Technical Founders’ Challenge

When you have a startup, every detail matters to your ultimate success, but there are certain pieces that you simply cannot lack if you want to transform your vision into reality. With 18 years of technology management experience in leadership roles in the software, open source, and AdTech industries, what…

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11 October

Outsourcing: the Easier Route to Scaling and Excelling for Businesses

Outsourcing is the conventional process of assigning out short or long term non-core job functions to outside workforces with the goal of saving money and time. Businesses assign non-core tasks to individuals, companies or agencies with the required skills.  (more…)

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09 February


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06 December

Top 10 softwares to manage a distributed team

When we founded Zazmic we were working simultaneously in China, Spain, Ukraine and Silicon Valley. Communication efficiency and maximizing the throughput for our distributed team members were among our first challenges. We settled on two top-10 platforms that allowed us to best deliver so many projects for our great clients.…

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