Zazmic Finance: 10 best-in-class startups seeking investment

Investing is a game of chance, they say. If so, we deal aces. Zazmic Finance, a premier Silicon Valley start-up builder and grower is launching another tremendous fundraising campaign with its select investment opportunities – 10 best-in-class startups in various industries including SaaS, IoT, Marketing, Advertising, Drones, Crime Tech, Clean Tech, Ed Tech, Consumer Products and more. We have selected our following top 10 pick of incredibly attractive startups, and predict that they’ll soon be leading in their respective markets.

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Investors Sweet Spot Opp

Zazmic Finance is currently raising capital for a promising Silicon Valley based startup, Tower Power.  The company has created an impressive platform that enables remote monitoring and management of power generators for critical infrastructure such as cell towers, banks, schools, etc., saving millions of gallons of CO2 while dramatically increasing up-time in the most remote, and thus most costly locations.  It combines three models to operate:  EaaS (Energy as a Service), IoT (Internet of Things) and SaaS (Software as a Service). It is estimated that by 2020 there will be 390,000 telecom towers globally in off-grid locations, and a further …

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