11 April

How Machine Learning Can Improve Business Functions

Machine learning (ML) is an aspect of artificial intelligence that deals with computer programs learning by themselves with little to no human involvement. Typically, large amounts of unstructured data are provided to the computer program; using pre-provided ML algorithms, this data is then analyzed for unique patterns and results are…

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11 April

Everything You Need to Know About GSuite for Business

A reliable infrastructure is the foundation for SMBs and SMEs, allowing them to provide services to customers and improve the daily workflow of their employees. In most cases, IT-staff have to deploy in-house servers and services to have such services, including email and collaboration tools like a messaging platform, file…

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10 April

Unlock insights with an intelligent IoT platform

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08 April

Generate Targeted Insights with Advanced Analytics

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18 October

Motivating Employees in 5 Easy Steps

Employee motivation is critical to their overall productivity and ability to get things done on the job. Unfortunately, keeping employees motivated is an ongoing challenge for many businesses. How do you keep your employees motivated, both when they're there in the office with you and when you're dealing with remote…

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09 October

6 Essential Tips for Managing Remote Teams

Remote team management is one of the hottest trends for companies in a wide range of industries. Employees appreciate the flexibility that allows them to work from anywhere, at times that are convenient for them, while employers love the ability to bring together diverse teams from wide geographic areas that…

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20 September

Z-Stream and Agile Philosophy: Ready for Agile?

There are a wide range of project management methodologies and strategies available in today's fast-paced market. Keeping up with those different strategies and matching them to your project management software can be an ongoing challenge. With Z-Stream, however, you have the option to tailor your project management software to your…

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04 September

What you need to know about Z-Stream!

Developed by Agile wizards, with the principles of well-organized planning, execution and delivery in mind, Z-Stream is your team’s perfect tool that helps foster collaboration, maximize productivity, and meet business goals in the most efficient way ever! It is designed to allow teams to control and shape their projects from…

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25 August

4 Steps to Creating Your First Product in Z-Stream

Z-Stream isn't just one of the best project management software options on the market. It also helps you plan your project from start to finish. Based on Agile methodology, enhanced by a super-intuitive interface, our app is designed to make project management simple, fast, and easy to understand. Are you…

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16 August

The Benefits of Z-Stream for Small & Big Companies

Z-Stream is a great program, but how do you know it’s appropriate for your business? In fact, some of the most common questions we hear are "Is Z-Stream suitable for my small business?", "Would Z-Stream be right for my big team?", “I’m self-employed, how can I benefit from the app?”…

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